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Best and Scariest Ghost Tours for Adults Only

Ghost tours for adults only turn the spookiness and fun up a notch. The obsession with ghosts and hauntings is only increasing these days! Whether you believe in spirits or not, haunted tours can be hair-raising and fun. There are literally thousands of tours out there to choose from, so to narrow down your search, let us suggest embarking on an adult-only ghost tour. These “no kids allowed” tours are more risque and scarier than those without age restrictions, so you can get the whole bloody truth about the history of the hauntings. Go PG-13 or R to get the full experience! Here are 9 of the best adult-only ghost tours.

1    Dead of Night Ghost Tour

Ghost City ™ Tours offers one of the spookiest tours around! For an hour and a half, you’ll be scared practically out of your wits as you wander the most eerie places in the city at midnight. This tour is restricted to ages 16 and up because it’s so intense. Learn about the murders, witchcraft, scandals, and more that created the haunted legends of Savannah’s darkest places. You’ll get to walk through Chippewa Square, Johnson Square, Colonial Park Cemetery and even some secret cemeteries, the most haunted places in the city.
Dead Of Night Ghost Tour
2    Paranormal Haunted House Discovery

Head to Sydney, New South Wales for a frightening adult-only ghost tour through a haunted house! Discover dimly-lit places that will make your hair stand on end and your knees go weak. This tour is not for the faint of heart! If you don’t believe in haunted houses, you just might after this tour. You’ll never see Sydney the same way again. The locations you’ll visit can be sketchy, but Hera the Ghost Dog, a well-trained and protective German shepherd, will keep you safe from threats both in the flesh and in the spirit.
Paranormal Haunted House Discovery
3    Extreme Paranormal Ghost Tour

You can take this spooky tour in Edinburgh, Scotland. The world’s most haunted graveyard is the main destination of this creepy excursion, so if you’re a real ghost enthusiast, you won’t want to miss this tour. The place is filled with the spirits of those who died horrible deaths by hanging, torture, murder, or even cannibalism. Do you have the guts to go? We dare you! As a plus, the Extreme Paranormal Ghost Tour is available in four different languages.
Extreme Paranormal Ghost Tour
4    Boos! & Booze French Quarter Hauntings Tour

This New Orleans tour by New Orleans Streetwalkers Tours is adult only, but not so much because it’s scary. Rather, it’s full of adult-only beverages! Drink up and enjoy a walking tour of French Quarter’s booziest and most haunted locations. This is actually more of a bar crawl than anything (and we don’t hear anyone complaining about that), but it also includes admission into a museum as well as a tour of a few haunted locations.
Boos! & Booze French Quarter Hauntings Tour
5    Ghost Tour Adventure

This tour is only for those ages 14 and up, but you still might consider leaving easily-creeped out teens at home. New Castle, Delaware’s Rockwood Mansion is full of paranormal activity, and this is your chance to experience it. This tour also includes a psychic or medium to bring the dead a bit closer to your group. The fact that guests must be “in good physical condition” may mean some stair climbing and walking… or maybe they want to be sure you can run for your life!
Ghost Tour Adventure
6    Wicked Charleston Tour

Black Cats Walking Tours presents this South Carolina ghost tours for adults only. Find the dark side of Charleston that you never knew existed! If you’re familiar with the Wicked Charleston books by Mark R. Jones, you’re in for a treat. This tour is based on his nonfiction book series! See where the evil escapades of corrupt politicians, prostitutes, and murderers took place and find out about the haunted legacy they left behind.
Wicked Charleston Tour
7    Colonial Ghosts

You may have seen Williamsburg before, but you’ve never seen it like this. If you’ve been there and done that, see the frightening side of Virginia’s most famous colony with a ghost tour! You’ll get to step foot into such haunted locations as Native burial grounds, witches’ graves, and murder sites while hearing stories of war, betrayal, and revenge. The Colonial Ghosts tour boasts real ghost sightings, research-based stories, and historical facts. This is the real deal, folks!
Colonial Ghosts
8    Houston Ghost Tour

This adult-only tour boasts that it is R-rated, which means you can expect the pinnacle of extreme hair-raising hauntings when you go. Both fun and spooky, this tour takes you to the heart of Houston’s most haunted areas. For an hour and thirty minutes, you and other brave souls will get to wander through haunted areas while hearing bone-chilling stories of paranormal activity and horror.
Houston Ghost Tour
9    Ghost Hunt Events

We’ve saved the best for last. Ghost Hunt Events takes visitors through the most haunted town in the world, the UK’s Kent. Part tour and part ghost hunt, this experience is probably the scariest and most thrilling you’ll ever encounter. The schedule of events is always updating, so check out the Ghost Hunt Events UK website for info on how to join this tour. Wander down an ancient road cursed by a ghostly stagecoach, climb through the ruins of haunted Vinters Park, or search for spirits in a dark and creepy fort.
Ghost Hunt Events
Adults only ghost tours turn the scariness and fun up a notch. Leave the kids behind and you’ll get the whole bloody story, experience spooky adventure, and maybe enjoy an adult beverage or two.

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