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10 Highest Income Zip Codes in America

Want to see where the 0.01 percent lives? LeadTarget.com analyzed income by zip code data from the 2017 US Census Bureau to find the richest zip codes in America. The crown goes to a man-made island situated across Biscayne Bay from Miami Beach, Florida and accessible only by private boat (lifetime dock space costs $500,000), ferry, or helicopter.

Here are the 10 Highest Income Zip Codes in America:
1    33109 Fisher Island

South Florida’s Fisher Island (33109) boasts the highest median household income in America – over 2.4 million! An exclusive playground for the rich and (sometimes) famous, the island has an official population of less than 500, but many homeowners flit in and out. From Vanderbilts to foreign royalty to Oprah, the richest of the rich have called Fisher Island home. You can check it out with a stay at the Fisher Island Club.

2    94027: Atherton, California

3    33480: Palm Beach, Florida

4    94301: Palo Alto, California

5    10577: Harrison, New York

6    19035: Gladwyne, Pennsylvania

7    90067: Century City, Los Angeles, California

8    02493: Weston, Massachusetts

9    60043: Kenilworth, Illinois

10    94111: San Francisco, California

The highest income zip codes in the US stretch from Florida to California to New York. On average, their residents take in millions in household income each year. This list of super wealthy areas offers us average joes a peek at how (and where) the other half lives. 

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