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10 Foods You Can Take into the Disney Parks

Spending time at any of the Disney theme parks is guaranteed to be fun and exciting. However, after paying for admission, you may not be prepared to spend even more money on food. The good news is that you are allowed to take food with you into any of the Disney theme parks! Not everyone is aware of this rule, and while it is a good one to know, there are a couple of exceptions that you must know before you pack your goodie bag for the day.

Some simple tips: First, nothing that you pack can be in glass, unless you have a jar of baby food that happens to be in a glass jar. You shouldn’t take anything that needs to be heated up, as you will not have access to a microwave while you are inside the Disney parks. You should also stay away from attempting to bring in massive coolers filled with cold cuts, bread, mayo and mustard, plus huge tubs of salads. Those items will need to be eaten within the picnic areas only and you would need to leave the park to enjoy your food.

Here are 10 foods that you can take into the Disney parks:

1    Chips

Those small bags of chips are excellent snack options that you can easily get inside a Disney park by placing it into a backpack or small bag. We do recommend placing the chips on top of everything else that you bring into the park, so that they do not end up smooshed and crumbled by the time you go to eat them.
10 Foods You Can Bring Into Disney Parks   Chips
2    Sandwiches

Sandwiches are an excellent option, especially at lunchtime. Make your sandwiches ahead of time and place them inside a container or plastic baggies. The container that you choose may need to be different depending on the type of sandwich that you make and how much room you have in your bags. If you are packing sandwiches with ingredients that need to be kept cold, then a couple of cold ice packs may be necessary.
10 Foods You Can Bring Into Disney Parks
3    Granola Bars

There is nothing better than unwrapping a granola bar for an afternoon snack or a quick pick me up at any time of the day. These are easy to transport, easy to open, and easy to eat quickly in between standing in line. Just make sure that you throw your wrappers out or stuff them in your bag to dispose of when you return home.
10 Foods You Can Bring Into Disney Parks   Granola Bars
4    Bags of Cut Veggies

Some freshly cut veggies will work out better than others when you take them into Disney parks, but essentially, you can take in any of them. Simply wash your veggies, cut them up into bite sized pieces and place them into baggies for those times when you need something crunchy to eat. We recommend eating certain veggies before the rest, because crisp carrots will last longer than freshly cut peppers.
10 Foods You Can Bring Into Disney Parks   Veggies
5    Fruits

While fresh fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas will fit into your bag when you are taking them into Disney parks, you can also take in little packaged bowls of peaches, pears, and tropical fruit in its own juices. Those fruit options will require that you take plastic spoons though, as you won’t be able to eat them otherwise. Whole fruits are better options, as you can simply start eating them or quickly peel them before shoving them in your mouth. Dried fruits are another option, as they are less messy and take up a lot less space.
10 Foods You Can Bring Into Disney Parks   Fruit
6    Crackers

The cracker aisles are filled with much more than the Ritz buttered crackers nowadays, which is why crackers are perfect for trips into the Disney theme parks. You can choose your favorite crackers and simply shove the whole box into a bag to take in or divide it into smaller bags for easier handling.
10 Foods You Can Bring Into Disney Parks   Crackers
7    Cheese Sticks or Cut Cheese

Those little cheese sticks might cost more than you want to pay, but they are much cheaper than snacks at Disney. Simply throw a handful or two into your bag and happily snack away all day long. If you don’t want to do the stick thing, then simply cut up a block or two of cheese, toss it into a container and keep it cold till its gone.
10 Foods You Can Bring Into Disney Parks   Cheese
8    Trail Mix

Trail mix is a wonderful option when you get hungry in Disney parks, because you can simply grab a handful out of the bag and keep walking along. This is an extremely helpful option when you are hungry and cannot find a free bench to sit down on, as it may give you the energy to keep going until you do find a place to rest or a seat on a nearby ride.
10 Foods You Can Bring Into Disney Parks   Trail Mix
9    Ready Made Tuna Fish

While tuna fish normally needs to be mixed up with mayonnaise to be eaten, it is now sold in containers already prepared and ready to eat. You can simply open the can and add it to the top of the crackers that are included in the package. If you do not want to purchase those, you can simply grab a pouch of tuna and some single serve packets of mayo and mix it right in the pouch after you get inside the park. Eat it with a fork or place it on top of the crackers that you packed with the rest of your munchies.
10 Foods You Can Bring Into Disney Parks   Tuna
10    Veggie or Fruit Pouches

If you have younger children, you may not want to deal with the mess of cut veggies and fruits and that is where veggie and fruit pouches can come in handy. Simply toss a few of those into your bag before you leave for the Disney parks and your kids will have something to eat whenever they get hungry. The good news is that you can enjoy one or two of them as well!

While you can bring almost everything into the Disney parks, you will not be able to throw those food items into just any container. Coolers must be smaller than twenty-four inches long and fifteen inches wide and needs to be soft-sided. You will need to use ice packs with them, as loose ice is not allowed, and be prepared to lug the bag around with you all day long.
10 Foods You Can Bring Into Disney Parks   Tips
Every bag that you take into the Disney parks will need to be searched by Disney security, which is why you will want to use containers that are see-through to make the process much easier and faster. You shouldn’t have any issues when you take food into any of the Disney parks, unless you try to sneak in items that are not allowed, or you take such wonderful options that the security personnel will want it for themselves!

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