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Cool Off at the Best Water Parks in Orlando

Visitors to Orlando’s theme parks can be overwhelmed with the sheer scale of the rides and entertainment available. Sometimes you need a breather from the non-stop excitement. Luckily, guests can beat the heat at some of the best water parks in the world. The major theme parks, including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld boast amazing waterparks, complete with thrilling slides and rafting rides, exhilarating wave pools, and relaxing beaches.

Enjoy the Florida sun in one of these top water park paradises.

1    Volcano Bay at Universal Studios

Every water park in the world seems to have a unique feature and Universal Studios’ Volcano Bay is no exception. Only their feature seems to take the meaning to a whole new level! They have a two-hundred-foot conical mountain that acts like a volcano. You will hear noises coming out of the mountain at certain times throughout the day and at night, you will stop and stand there mesmerized as you watch lava pour over it.

There is more than the volcano at this park though and your entire family will love riding along the lazy river before tackling the seventy-foot waterslides. The water coasters are even more thrilling, although only some of the most adventurous and bravest people will be found riding them.
Best Water Parks In Orlando   Volcano Bay

By Paulo Guereta from São Paulo (Orlando – USA) CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

2     Aquatica at SeaWorld

Just like all the other water parks that are part of the larger theme parks, Aquatica can be found right next to the regular SeaWorld park. There is a separate admission ticket needed for the water park and you will want to separate your visit here from your visit to the main one, because you will need all day to enjoy everything that Aquatica has to offer.

Those who are a little skittish will want to stick with attractions that include Loggerhead Lane, Roa’s Rapids, and Walkabout Waters. However, those who enjoy an adrenaline rush will love Tassie’s Twisters, Omaka Rocka, HooRoo Run, Taumata Racer, and Breakaway Falls.

Dolphin Plunge is the most popular attraction within this water park and no one says no to it, because everyone zooms past dolphins swimming on the other side of the wall of the water shoot. If you are lucky, you will find a playful dolphin during one of your slides and they will race alongside you until you reach the end. Wonder which one of you will win??
Best Water Parks In Orlando   Aquatica
3    Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove is affiliated with SeaWorld but that doesn’t mean that it offers the same things that Aquatica does. As a guest at Discovery Cove, you can swim or snorkel amongst the Grand Reef and this is where you will see thousands of sting rays and fish swimming right beside you. There is no need to worry about the reef sharks, as they are on the other side of a safety glass partition.

The Wind-Away River and Serenity Bay are two great areas that you can relax in before you go to play with the otters and marmosets along the river. If you have always wanted to go swimming with dolphins, you will have that chance when you are at this water park. Each guest can purchase a thirty-minute time slot that will allow them to swim and play with the dolphins.
Best Water Parks In Orlando   Discovery Cove
4    Typhoon Lagoon at Walt Disney World

There are ten slides within Typhoon Lagoon, but Storm, Bay, Crush-n-Gusher, and Humunga Kowabunga are the all-time favorites amongst many guests. If you have ever wanted to surf, then the Surf Pool is the place where you will want to start when you arrive. The bravest people can enter the three hundred and sixty-three-thousand-gallon saltwater tank to swim with the stingrays, fish, and sharks, although it is said that you will have no worries because they are all safe to be around.
Best Water Parks In Orlando   Typhoon Lagoon
5    Blizzard Beach at Disney

You will begin to wonder if you are still in Florida when you arrive at Blizzard Beach, because it will look like the entire water park is covered in snow! Down at the bottom of the mountain, you can swim in the wave pool, watch your children in the play areas, or relax as you float along the lazy river.

When you are ready for more thrills, you can climb up one hundred and twenty feet to the top of Summit Plummet and slide down this ski slope feet first directly into the pool of water below. The Double Dipper is perfect if you have a competitive family member or friend with you, because you can both race to the bottom of this two-hundred-and-fifty-foot slide and see who gets to the end first. The favorite ride at Blizzard Beach is Teamboat Springs, and during this ride you will glide down a twelve-hundred-foot-long slide. Of course, you will fly over rushing waterfalls and get wet as you find your way through a cavern before you reach the end of this ride.
Best Water Parks In Orlando   Blizzard Beach

These are the best water parks in Orlando and each one offers fun and excitement to keep you busy for an entire day or even longer. Love the water? You may want to visit each one before you decide which one is your absolute favorite.

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