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Walt Disney World -The Weird and Funny Stuff You Never Hear About

When people think of Disney World visions of Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse hats, and the most elaborate rides on earth come to mind. Everyone goes there with the identical objective of being entertained beyond the meaning of the word. They come from all corners of the globe. To be able to say they have been to Disney World makes any kid the envy of their neighborhood.

The Magic Kingdom alone hosts over 20 million visitors annually. 20 million! This number makes one take pause. With this many visitors pouring in and out in a steady stream, day after day after day, surely things can’t always be as perfect as they appear. You can’t put that many people in one space and not expect some fairly weird things to occur. Even a well-oiled machine can bust a gear now and then.

Let’s have a look at some of those times when things didn’t quite go as planned.
1    Never Let Them See You Sweat
It’s not always the guests who pull weird stunts or get caught in odd situations. The cast members who work at Disney have some fairly bizarre things happen to them as well. It is expressly forbidden for any costumed character at Disney World to take their head off in public. It’s grounds for immediate dismissal. Please remember where Disney World is located. Now think about summertime. It’s a blazing inferno inside those costumes.

In the middle of summer when the Florida humidity was running around 150%, one of the workers was tasked with wearing a Dumbo suit for the Disney parade. The suit has lots of extra padding and the poor guy inside of it was on the verge of a heat stroke. To make matter worse, he hadn’t been feeling well when he came in for work that morning. When he felt his breakfast start circulating its way around his stomach he knew he was in serious trouble. The street the parade was rambling down was packed with kids, all excited to see their favorite Disney characters, of which he was one of. Knowing the innocent children would be traumatized if he yanked Dumbo the Flying Elephant’s head off and barfed in front of them, he was a brave Disney warrior who would not desert the cause. He let his belly have its way with him right inside the head.

One would think this would be the end of this story, but it gets worse, or funnier depending upon your perspective. The worker vomited so much it began gushing through the elephant’s mouth which is only covered by a porous piece of mesh. In short, Dumbo started puking in front of the kids. He made it through the parade and then headed to the locker room.

Even if a costumed worker passes out from the heat while riding on a float, the other characters can’t help them. They are to leave their limp body laying there like a sack of potatoes until the parade is over.
Disney Cast Characters
2    You Must Be This High To Ride

Just like fairs and carnivals, Disney has rides which are not suitable for small children. They aren’t safe. One visitor didn’t seem to care about that, he was going to ride Space Mountain no matter what. After standing in line for an hour he finally reached the boarding area. The crew members asked the man about the large sack he was holding thinking something didn’t appear to be right. They asked him to open it and when he wouldn’t, they detained him and called security. When security showed up the man with the sack finally complied with their demands. Imagine everyone’s surprise when they found a 6-month-old baby in the bag. The man didn’t get to go on the ride. Neither did the baby.
Space Mountain At Walt Disney World
3    An Ill-Advised Joy Ride

One of Disney’s workers parked his golf cart outside of a restaurant on the boardwalk while he was emptying some rubbish. Disney frowns on drunks stumbling around their premises but it didn’t seem to matter to two three-sheets-to-the-wind guys from Massachusetts who spotted the cart and decided it would be fun to go joy riding down the boardwalk. As pedestrians were scattering, the two men were yelling and laughing and having a joyous time, almost tipping the cart over at one point. An Orange County deputy spotted the pair and put an end to the madness. The embarrassed men apologized profusely from the backseat of the deputy’s patrol car.
 Funny Weird Disney World
4    Creating Memories – And A Massive Therapy Bill

In Cinderella’s Castle, a husband took revenge on his wife. The family of four entered the crowded restaurant and were seated. A short time later the man rose to his feet and began tapping his water glass to get the attention of everyone in the place. He then, in his boldest voice, announced to the horror of his shocked wife of 15 years, that she had been cheating on him for over a year. You could hear a pin drop. The man then left some money on the table, grabbed his kids, and marched out while his stunned wife remained seated at the table in tears.
Cinderella's Castle Walt Disney World
5    Rest in Peace – Or Not

As hard as this may be to comprehend, more than once, people have poured the ashes of their loved ones inside of the Haunted Castle. Employees have no other option than to vacuum the person up and toss them in the dumpster. They kindly request people please not do this regardless of how much they may have loved the attraction.
Disney Haunted Mansion
6    What’s That Smell?

What looked like an abandoned backpack was left at the base of Space Mountain for more than 15 minutes so security was notified. They brought their bomb-sniffing dog named Pluto. Of course. Pluto gave the bag a sniff and alerted by sitting down which meant something was wrong. Tommorowland was immediately evacuated. All of it. Every store, restaurant, and attraction. Only the cast members were left behind, standing nervously at the gates. As it turned out, someone had just forgotten the backpack and it was stuffed full of burritos. That’s why Pluto had been sitting there. He was waiting for a treat.
 Bomb Sniffing Dogs At Walt Disney World
These are but a few tales of many. They could fill a book. When you bring together millions of visitors from all over the world win the theme park capital of the world, anything can happen.

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