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6 Remote Private Getaways Where You Can Get Back in Touch With Yourself

Most vacations are spent surrounded by hordes of other travelers in a beach town, a resort, Walt Disney World, or another location taken from the travel brochures made to appeal to the masses. While this is perfect for many, there are those who have had enough of society’s stress and want to get away to somewhere they won’t be bothered. Someplace serene, quiet, and peaceful where they can hear birds chirping in the morning as they enjoy a wake-up cup of coffee in relative solitude.

To find this kind of seclusion, you may need to travel a bit farther but it’s well worth it. Peace-seeking travelers know once they arrive at their destination the world they are accustomed to will disappear along with their stress and the rigors of their job will fade into oblivion for a short while.

Here are a few suggestions that fit the bill if you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.
1    Nayara Springs – Costa Rica

If you’re looking for a remote destination fairly close to the US, look no further. This adults-only hotel is surrounded by a rainforest with a clear view of the Arenal volcano. The rainforests boast one of the largest concentrations in the world of vegetation and wildlife, even including sloths which are protected and have set up home in the area.

The rooms are not rooms at all but are private bungalows in lush tropical settings with outdoor showers, gardens, decks, hammocks, and a private whirlpool. The bungalows are arranged in such a way that each one so private there is no way a neighbor will bother you with idle chit-chat you don’t want to hear.

Even being remote, guests have access to high-speed internet, they receive twice daily maid service, have use of a state-of-the-art gym, and can participate in daily yoga if they desire. There is also an al a-la-cart breakfast or guests can have breakfast delivered to their bungalow if they please.
Nayara Springs   Costa Rica
2    Travassa Hanna – Maui

At the end of a long winding road, located on acres of uncrowded land on Maui’s sparsely populated eastern coast, the hotel has only 70 rooms.  Surrounded by palm trees and lush green flora, it is claimed the hotel offers the best Hawaiian experience available.

With the ocean rolling right up to the property, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and sun-bathing are just steps away. It’s very easy to find a private spot in the sand without frisbees being thrown or tourists feeding potato chips to seagulls. Hiking and exploring are readily available and if a person wants solitude to be alone with their thoughts it’s never a problem.

The hotel offers a world-class spa for those wishing to restore balance to their body, minds, and spirits in a peaceful and tranquil setting. Travassa Hanna has been rated as one of the top remote destinations in the world.
Travassa Hanna   Maui
3    Strawberry Hill – Jamaica

Located above Kingston in the revered Blue Mountains, long admired for its natural beauty, Strawberry Hills offers guests the ultimate in privacy and intimacy. There are only 12 cabins and they are spread out over 26 acres on what was once a coffee plantation.

Although small and intimate, Strawberry Hill still offers the amenities of large crowded resorts. There is a modern spa, a gourmet restaurant, a bar, a pool which sits on top of the hill with panoramic views, colorful gardens, and for those not wishing to communicate with another human being, plenty of space to wander around undisturbed.

Jamaica’s famous Blue Mountain Coffee is grown and produced only a mile away so guests can enjoy this strong aromatic delicacy day and night, or as long as their system can tolerate the caffeine.
Strawberry Hill   Jamaica
4    Portofino Beach Resort – Belize

Portofino Beach Resort only has 16 rooms, some of which are cabanas with thatched roofs. The resort is located a few miles north of San Pedro and guest must take boats to and from town, adding to the privacy they will enjoy.

Massages are available either on the beach under a thatched roof or in the privacy of someone’s room. There are hammocks strung between palm trees and enough beach available to assure guests of a nice private spot. Each morning the beach is raked and wherever the spot of sand is someone lands, drinks will be delivered to them.

There are two restaurants on site. One is a full-fledged restaurant with excellent dining options, and the second is a bistro for those desiring a lighter fare.
Portofino Beach Resort   Belize
5    Amee Farm – Vermont

Located right here in the good old USA, Amee Farm sits on a 40-acre farm. Considered a B&B it’s way more than that. The home looks like the cover of a ‘Country Living’ magazine and the rooms have fluffy beds for the ultimate in comfort along with soft white linens.

The property is surrounding by forests and mountains and the air is clean and refreshing. There are trails through the forest for peacefully communing with nature, and wildlife abounds.

Home cooked meals, second to none, are whipped up nightly, and romantic moonlight strolls are a common occurrence. The sleepy town of Pittsfield, where the sidewalks get rolled up when the sun goes down, is just down the road.
Amee Farm   Vermont
6    Selinda Canoe Trail – Botswana

Though not billed as a resort or even a hotel, if a person really wants to get away from it all, this might be for them. It’s actually a four-day, three-night journey through the Selinda Spillway of Botswana.

Each night camp is set up in a secluded area by the water with no electricity or flushing commodes. This does not mean the guests are completely roughing it. An attentive staff accompanies them and excellent tasty meals are served each night.

Wild animals such as lions, hippos, and giraffes can be spotted during the day along the hiking trails and all the strange sounds of a night in the wild can be heard.
Selinda Canoe Trail   Botswana
Private getaways are a surefire way to get back in touch with one’s self, and besides these, there are others located around the world. Do something different next vacation and relax in privacy. You may find you’ll return home more relaxed than you have felt in years.

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