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Add These World’s Most Popular Travel Selfie Spots to Your Bucket List

Yes, selfies are still with us. In fact, they have become a coveted souvenir for many travelers. Years ago, people would hand over their cameras to strangers and have them take a couple of pictures to capture the memories on film. Things have changed since then, and nowadays, people hold up their phone, reverse the camera, and snap a photo of themselves. Selfies are being snapped around the world, but there are some places that are in the background more than others.

Here are the world’s most popular selfie spots:

Golden Gate Bridge

This iconic landmark is a perfect setting for your travel selfie. The Golden Gate Bridge is massive, and it is definitely necessary to capture in the background when taking a selfie in San Francisco. If people angle their phone just right, they should be able to get part of the bay in the picture as well. Top locations for a selfie include Fort Point, for a scenic view of the bridge, the bay, and Alcatraz and the Marin Headlands, which offers a wider view. For something different, try a shot facing straight up from under one of the famous Art Deco towers.
Golden Gate Bridge
Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Dubai is famous for jaw-dropping architecture. This amazing building is eight hundred and thirty meters high, which makes it the tallest building in the world. You don’t really need any other reason to add this to your selfie bucket list. It is ranked as the third most popular site for tourist selfies. There is a fee to travel to the top of the ultra skyscraper, but the view is unmatched.
Burj Khalifa In Dubai
Disney World

Cinderella’s Castle has to be in thousands of selfies every single day of the year. After all, this is one of the first things that people see when they enter Disney World and it is recognized the world over. And with over 52 million visitors a year, you can count on a lot of visitors documenting their Disney visit with a castle selfie or two. While the castle makes for a nice selfie during the day, it is spectacular at night when it is lit up and the fireworks are being set off above it. It may be a cliche image, but don’t be too hip and miss out on this classic selfie shot.
Disney World
Edo Castle in Tokyo

One of the most popular destinations in Tokyo, this castle is now part of the Tokyo Imperial Palace and it makes a stunning backdrop for any selfie. People can travel back in time to the period of Shogun rule in Japan or row around the moat to admire the cherry blossoms. Admission is free and you can document it all in photos.
Edo Castle In Tokyo
The Infamous Las Vegas Sign

In person, this one doesn’t look quite like it does in all the photos you’ve seen, but with the right angle, you can recreate the world-famous look of the “Welcome to Las Vegas Sign.” As people are heading towards The Strip, they will pass the iconic Las Vegas sign. There isn’t much room to pull over in the area, but anyone that can squeeze in will get the selfie of a lifetime. There is always a line of people waiting to capture a selfie here, but it goes quickly thanks to the volunteers that keep everyone moving along.
 The Infamous Las Vegas Sign
The Pyramids of Giza

These pyramids are the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the World and the three pyramids make a perfect addition to any selfie. People can try to get all three in the shot or do individual selfies with each one. The Great Pyramid has even been climbed (illegally, we hasten to add) to produce an incredible “sneaker selfie,” with an eye-popping view of the surrounding archaeological digs and desert. Don’t try this, but do opt for a more mundane but still gorgeous shot of you and the pyramids.
The Pyramids Of Giza
The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

These cliffs are one of the most visited sites in the country and people will stand on the edge as they try to capture the perfect shot of the water and the surrounding landscape. There are signs warning visitors not to go past a certain point, but as expected, many tourists ignore this and risk it all to get a selfie right at the edge of the cliff. The cliffs are eroding and prone to crumbling and collapse, making them a particularly dangerous spot for extreme selfies. The cliffs are seemingly a popular choice for suicide and the results are the same.
The Cliffs Of Moher In Ireland
The Colosseum in Italy

The Colosseum was constructed during the Roman Times and ,while it does not look like it did back then, it has been preserved quite well. This massive amphitheater will look amazing in the background of a few selfies. The best time to capture a selfie will be as the sun is setting in the sky, because it shines through the Colosseum giving it a nice glow.
The Colosseum In Italy
Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

This Roman Catholic Church was designed by Antoni Gaudí, who was a Catalan architect. The construction on this church began back in 1882, but it is still not complete. Approximately half of the project was finished by 2010, and everyone is hopeful that the entire thing will be finished by 2026, which is the centenary year of Gaudí’s death. While the church is not yet finished, the soaring Basilica is still a phenomenal place to take a selfie. Remember that this is a church, not just a tourist attraction, and visitors should act respectfully.
Sagrada Familia In Barcelona
Eiffel Tower in Paris

Capturing the Eiffel Tower in a selfie is something that all lovers do when they visit Paris. People can take their selfie far away to get the whole tower in it and then continue snapping selfies as they get closer. Few landmarks are as recognizable and an Eiffel Tower selfie is a must-have souvenir of Paris.
Eiffel Tower In Paris
It may seem odd to list an entire country, but, really there is no bad place to snap a selfie in Switzerland. The lakes and the mountains seem to find their way into most of them, but quaint towns can also make for a great shot. The Swiss have bought into the selfie trend, especially on the slopes. A protected “selfie stop” has been installed at an altitude of 2,959 meters on their steepest downhill ski slope to ensure the safety of selfie-taking skiers. The Verbier resort has developed a “gigaselfie” that allows skiers to activate a special camera that creates a panoramic selfie with the Bagnes Valley and Mont Blanc as their backdrop.
The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building may no longer lay claim to the tallest building in the world, but it still captures people’s imaginations. It is inextricably associated with New York City. This building has been in so many selfies it is almost impossible to know how many. While people can capture this building in the background in many places in the city, the best place to get it is from the Top of the Rock Observation Deck in Rockefeller Center.
The Empire State Building
Whether you’re posting your vacation photos to social media or just keeping them as personal souvenirs, selfies are a creative way of putting yourself in the scene. Cell phone cameras have let everyone become curators of their own adventures. Get in on the fun – it’s easy, free, and makes for unique mementos of your travels.

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