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Rekindle the Romance with a Kid-Free Vacation

You love your kids, but every once in a while, you need a few days away from them to remember why you fell in love with your partner and rekindle your romance. After all, your life together can’t always be temper tantrums, homework assignments, and who is driving which child where for carpool. You need the downtime together to remember who you are and what amazing things you can both do without a little one tugging at your side.

Here are 5 places where you can successfully rekindle the romance on your next kid-free vacation:

1    Hotel Wailea on Maui

This adult only resort will ensure that you have the peace and quiet that you want and need during your time away from the kids. Each one of the seventy-two luxurious one-bedroom suites looks like a private beach house and they all face the beautiful ocean. You can choose to spend your days relaxing on the beach or you can be a little more adventurous by participating in water sports or a round of golf. The concierge is even available to solve any issues, so that you do not need to worry about anything during your time away from home.
Hotel Wailea On Maui
2    Secrets Papagayo in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country and if you do not mind the distance, you will have a fabulous time at Secrets Papagayo. This is an all-inclusive resort where meals, snacks, alcohol, twenty-four-hour room service, gratuities, Wi-Fi, and entertainment is included in the price that you pay. Your spectacular suite will face either the Gulf of Papagayo or the gardens, so you will find yourself sitting outside relaxing on your private patio or terrace at all hours of the day. Your days will be very busy at Secrets Papagayo as you participate in the numerous activities that they have, and your nights will be just as full with their multiple theme nights and shows.
Secrets Papagayo In Costa Rica
3    Post Ranch Inn in California

The Post Ranch Inn can be found at the top of the cliffs in Big Sur near the Pacific Ocean. This luxurious resort is the perfect destination for your kid-free vacation getaway as there are only thirty-nine rooms available. That equals a lot of privacy as you peer out your windows to look at the ocean or the mountains. While an in-room massage or relaxing by the pool are wonderful ways to spend your days catching up, this region offers so much more. You may want to consider taking a short drive to explore Carmel or Monterey and see what adventures await you there.
Post Ranch Inn In California
4    Triple Creek Ranch in Montana

Elegance, hospitality, and an all-inclusive vacation will be waiting for you at the Triple Creek Ranch in the Montana Rockies. Their romance package includes the one-bedroom luxury cabin with wood burning fireplace, private hot tub, and much more. You will also receive all your meals, drinks, and on-site activities included in the price that you pay. The romance will begin as soon as you arrive with champagne and chocolates waiting in your cabin. You can choose how active you are during your days, whether you are out horseback riding, hiking, and fishing for hours on end or if you prefer to spend most of your time lying in a hammock watching the wildlife pass on by. You won’t be able to resist any of the meals in the Main Lodge Dining Room or a soak in your hot tub before retiring each night.
Triple Creek Ranch In Montana
5    Auberge Du Soleil in California

If you and your partner love wine, then you will want to venture to Auberge Du Soleil in the heart of Napa Valley for your kid-free vacation. This resort offers the ultimate in romance as well as delicious seasonal cuisines and world-class wines. You will be able to find the perfect bottle of wine to complement any of your meals, as they have fifteen thousand bottles of domestic and international wines in their wine cellar. Your days can be spent exploring the numerous wineries in the region, and the concierge can assist you in choosing the ones that will be most pleasing to your palate. In between tastings, you can stop in at the art galleries or walk along the art-filled paths that can be found throughout the area.
Auberge Du Soleil In California
Part of you will miss your kids while you are away on this romantic getaway with your significant other, but the memories and the romantic gestures you will be sharing will make it all worthwhile. In fact, you will probably enjoy this kid-free vacation so much that you will plan another one for the following year, just so you can talk to your partner without getting interrupted every two seconds. Well, that or the fact that you can actually sleep for multiple hours in a row!

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