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Most Expensive Luxury Mega Yachts – What Do They Really Cost to Rent?

Anyone who has ever watched the popular television show Below Deck has probably seen the ending where the crew receives upwards of a $6000 tip, handed to the Captain in a plain white envelope. Considering this amount of money, or even less, is an entire vacation budget for the average income earner, it may have left you wondering just how expensive a few days of getting spoiled on board one of these magnificent vessels will set someone back.

The yachts, as well as some of the crew members, change with each new season of the show, but let’s first establish that all of these beastly boats are multi-million dollar yachts. On average, a yacht’s Captain earns between $7,000 and $20,000 per month depending on their experience and the size of what they’ll be navigating. Crew members, depending on their stature in the business, earn $2,500 up to $9,000 per month, and a good chef can count on earning $12,000 a month. See where this is going? This is not for the faint of heart.

In addition to the Captain and crew being at their guests’ beck and call, day and night, let’s see what else their privileged clientele are getting for the money.
Cuor di Leone
This unbelievable motor yacht was featured in season one of Below Deck. The yacht was sold several years after the first season ended for a mind-blowing $15 million.

The yacht accommodates up to 12 guests and was built in 1999. It features all modern amenities and includes an on-deck jacuzzi. The chef knows ahead of time what the arriving guests prefer to eat and if they have any special quirks requiring additional attention. This also gives them a chance to plan the perfect menu for each day, in advance. Alcohol is inclusive and if a guest has a favorite liquor, it’s stocked up on. Any requested special activities whether they be on-board or off, are also planned in advance.
Motor Yacht Cuor Di LeoneCuor Di Leone

Cuor di Leone was renamed Lumiere when it was purchased. The new owner has totally redone the craft with new flooring, window treatments, and furnishings throughout. The yachts technology has been updated and wi-fi is now available even when at sea as well as reception on a new Sunbrite 65 inch television.

So. With only a small portion of the yacht’s expenses revealed, what’s it gonna cost? At today’s rate of exchange from Euro’s to U.S. dollars, you’re looking at about $228,000 per week give or take a few bucks.
Cuor Di Leone
Seven Seas
Outside of what we’ve seen on Below Deck, yachts of these types are available for hire all over the world, and prices vary, depending… Rated as one of the most expensive charter yachts in the world is the luxury megayacht, Seven Seas. Ironically, the craft shares its initials with that of its movie mogul owner, Stephen Spielberg. The. Steven. Spielberg.

This 282 feet vessel can accommodate 12 passengers and 26 crew members. It was custom built in the Netherlands and intricately designed to Spielberg’s exacting specifications. It has a private owners deck with a master stateroom and study. Another private deck has a jacuzzi and cabins for V.I.P. guests.

Here is the pièce de résistance. The yacht has an infinity pool with a 15-foot glass wall which doubles as a movie screen. There is a fully equipped gym, an indoor cinema, and a spa. The interior woods are all either walnut, teak, or rosewood.

Break out your debit card. It can be yours for a week if you have an extra $1.3-million lying around.
Seven Seas
The Eclipse
Having a hard time wrapping your brain around that price tag? At least it’s cheaper than the 2-million a week megayacht the Eclipse, owned by Russian “gazillionaire” Roman Abramovich will cost you.
The Eclipse requires $50-million a year just for maintenance and upkeep. There is no need to fear attacks from deep sea going pirates as the yacht features its very own military-grade missile defense system, bullet-proof glass throughout, and armor plating. If a quick getaway is needed, any of the three helipads can be used.

The Eclipse is 557-feet long and the master suite alone is 5000 square feet and features a 6-foot home cinema screen. There is also a fitness center and a private theater.
Andreas L
For the more budget minded, here is a yacht priced at only $441,350 a week. The 196-feet Andreas L comes with its own rigorously hand-selected international crew. The luxury yacht features every modern amenity and comes complete with a fully equipped gym, a massage room, and an illuminated spa.

It’s loaded down with watersports equipment to include jet skis, slides, a water trampoline, diving gear, and more. The Andreas L is 100% luxury and spends most of its time in the Mediterranian and the Caribbean.

In case $441,350 per week is still a bit pricey, there is another available alternative for sleeping in a yachts stateroom to the gentle sway of the ocean. This one is located on Prince Edward Island in Canada and it only costs $234 a night. You’ll awaken to a gorgeous sunrise as its golden hue reflects off of the water as your observing seabirds riding the oceans gentle breezes.
Andreas L
Sound better? There are a few catches. At this price, the boat will never leave the dock and you’ll have to provide your own meals. For an extra charge, the Captain of the ship will untie the vessel and sail just outside of the harbor for a relaxing few hours with the anchor dropped, but meals are still on you. There is one caveat. While you are on the vessel, parking is free in the adjacent parking lot.

It’s obvious the majority of us will never cruise the Mediterranean on a private luxury yacht, but this doesn’t mean we can’t have just as much fun on our own. Next vacation, renting a small fishing boat at Grape Hammock Fishcamp in Lake Wales, Florida for $30 a day might just provide as much fun, if not more, than 2-million dollars a week can buy on a megayacht. But I’d like to find out for myself. Just sayin.

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