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Summer Camps. They’re Not Just for Kids Anymore

If you were one of those kids who got shipped off to camp every summer, by choice or not, you also remember that once you got there and met the other kids who were likewise banished from home against their will, everyone had a blast and you hated seeing it end.

Camp kids sneak around after curfew, spy on the counselors, pull pranks, eat their weight in s’mores, compete in events, and sometimes get serious crushes on one another. Some of the regular kids only see each other once a year but they can somehow pick right back up where they left off without missing a beat.

If this sounds like your childhood, would you do it all again if you had the chance? Or, if the only camp you’ve ever attended was boot camp when you turned 18, how does something like this sound? It makes no difference if your childhood is a thing of the past. Adults are allowed a little fun too, you know.

Here are some summer camps designed for adults. It may surprise you to see how much fun they can be. (Be sure to verify current pricing)

Club Getaway – Kent, Connecticut

Located in the Southern Berkshires of Connecticut, guests of the camp stay in rustic cabins. The activities are designed for adults who want to be kids during the day, but the cocktail hours are designed for full-out adulting. In a good way.

Since everyone attending Club Getaway is there to have some good unpretentious fun in the outdoors, all egos, social statuses, titles, snobbery, and uppityness, is checked at the entrance. This is what people come to Camp Getaway to escape.

The camp has team events, hiking, archery, softball games, rock climbing, yoga at sunrise, an awesome zip line, swimming, and of course, who can resist a rousing game of Bloody Mary bingo.

If you go here, prepare to play all day, and if you choose, party all night. It all starts with happy hour, complete with live music. The dancing begins at the theme parties held later at night in the boathouse, and there is always a late night campfire for chatting with all of your new friends.

At last check, a two-night all-inclusive stay starts at $495.
Club Getaway   Kent, Connecticut
Camp No Counselors – 13 Locations in the US and Canada

Also an all-inclusive camp, Camp No Counselors runs $550 dollars for a three-nights. The camp’s motto is, “Play like a kid. Party like an adult.” Cell phones, computers, and pretty much any distracting form of modern technology is put away and ignored. Outside stresses are not welcomed.

Starting at 10 PM each night there are theme parties with an open bar. They are said to reach the upper stratosphere of epic. During the day there are countless activities and events including indoor arts & crafts for anyone nursing a “morning-after- head.” A fairly common occurrence.

The food at this camp is second to none and there’s always lots of it. Don’t expect bulk-purchased hot dogs on day-old buns. A nightly roaring bonfire adds to the camp’s atmosphere and ambiance. And even if your only talent is swirling your tongue, enter the talent show. The stupider the better.

Previous guests have talked about being covered in mud, sweat, and beer from the giant slip-and-slide event, breaking out of their shell and making new friends, writing a poem that won the talent contest, and for the most part, having the times of their lives.
Camp No Counselors   13 Locations In The US And Canada
Soul Camp – Warrensburg, New York and Sangar, California

Unlike the majority of adult summer camps, Soul Camp is alcohol-free. Each location can accommodate between 200 – 500 adults and they are considered wellness camps for the nourishment of the body, mind, and spirit.

Guests can join in on a large number of workshops, seminars, and classes, but this is not to say there isn’t a bunch of fun to be had either. There are late-night discos for dancing the night away, horseback riding, yoga, indigo dying, rope courses, trampolines, paddleboarding, bread making, essential oils 101, and the list continues.

Here is what one guest had to say, “No detail was left undone. From the moment I arrived, I was welcomed by cheerful, helpful spirits and I was totally spoiled by the choice of classes and the snack table complete with healthy food and drinks!”

Another previous guest praised the camp with these words, “I had no idea what to expect, but now I can’t stop talking about it. Soul Camp! Anyone that wants a jump start to healing old wounds and taking charge of their life should buy a ticket….yesterday!”
Soul Camp   Warrensburg, New York And Sangar, California
Ace Camps – Various Locations

Unique accommodations in various locations are the settings for these camps. Historical hotels, mansions, ranches, castles, nothing is out of the question. Guests simply sign up for one that meets their fancy, whether it involves learning to cook in Mexico or a photography journey to Iceland.

One of the camps journies was to Puglia, Italy, where a candlelit dinner was served in a cave to the sounds of traditional live music performed by local musicians.

Rates for these camps are inclusive and they vary depending upon the location, traveling distance, type of accommodations and etc.

A recent nature, culture, and food trip to Iceland carried an all-inclusive rate of $2,459.
Ace Camps   Various Locations
Culinary Institute of America

This is not a typical summer camp in terms of how most people think of one. These are culinary boot camps held in New York, California, and Texas.

The camps are themed. A Mediterranean boot camp teaches guests to prepare scrumptious authentic dishes from Greece, Italy, and France. All equipment, including cutlery and uniforms, are provided. A typical day holds classes, lectures, cooking demonstrations, some time in front of an oven, and a world-class dinner.

Camps are typically five days in duration and attendees can expect to pay anywhere between $2000 and $2500.
Culinary Institute Of America
Do you still think summer camps are just for kids? These camps are great opportunities for adults to let their hair down and immerse themselves in something other than the typical demands of everyday life.

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