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Superbowl 2018: Where Will You Stay in Minneapolis?

After a nailbiter playoff game between the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints, Minneapolis is now preparing for the rush of Superbowl ticket holders preparing to invade their city by the thousands. Topsy-turvy can’t begin to express the state of mayhem the city is about to experience. Prior to the game’s official kickoff on February 4, fans will be partying like there’s no tomorrow. When the clock runs out fans of the winning team, especially if it’s the hometown Vikings, will be swinging from chandeliers and dancing on bars as the town erupts into a heightened frenzy.

It would be rare to find a better time than what will be happening in Minnesota’s capital city during the largest sporting event of the year, but if you want to get in on the action the time to start searching for accommodations is now. In addition to the thrill of just being there for the game, you might as well hang out for a few extra days and take advantage of everything Minneapolis has to offer, which is quite a bit. If you decide to do this, knowing which areas of town are best suited for doing what lights your fuse will be helpful before making a reservation.

1    Dinkytown/Stadium Village

Ask anyone how this area of town received the name Dinkytown and you would be hard-pressed to find someone who can answer the question. If live music and great restaurants are a must have, look no further than Dinkytown, located right next to the University of Minnesota.

Whether you end up at Blarney Pub & Grill, Loring Bar & Restaurant, or any one of the many bars and cafes in this thriving section of town, it’s impossible to not have a good rousing time. If dancing the night away is on your agenda just pick a place and enter. It’s that easy.

Just about any type of cuisine can be found in Dinkytown from a gourmet burger to Mideastern tabouli to Chinese to Italian.
Dinkytown/Stadium Village
2    Warehouse District

The Warehouse District is one and a half miles to the stadium so for the more energetic the distance can be walked. If hoofing it isn’t your style you can always catch a METRO bus or hale down a cab for the short distance.

The Warehouse District was at one time the main shipping hub for Minneapolis. Now, many of the old red brick buildings have been converted into condos and lofts making the area a cool place to live for hipsters and other residents who enjoy an industrial ambiance with a  modern flair.

The district is home to an array of small cafes full of world-class chefs, swanky cocktail clubs, wine bars, and coffee shops reminiscent of what can be found in Greenwich Village.
Warehouse District
3    Gateway District

If staying in a quaint turn of the century updated hotel is to your liking, you’ll find plenty from which to choose from in this part of town. Check out the Nicollet Hotel, the Hotel Vendome, and the St. James Hotel. Some residents refer to it as the historical district and they are right on target for calling it that. The district boasts a combination of old and new architecture residing side-by-side.

The Gateway District was once the commercial hub of Minneapolis as well as the government seat. It’s only about a 15-minute drive to the stadium so staying in this area will still put you close to where you need to be on Superbowl Sunday.

This area is not known for offering a glamorous nightlife but there are still some nice restaurants and bars.
Gateway District Nicollet Hotel
4    Downtown West

This is Minneapolis’s business hub. To accommodate the many business travelers who consistently fly in and out, this area is chock full of luxury hotels, restaurants, and enough nightlife to easily appease those seeking after-hour fun.

It’s only one mile from the stadium so the convenience of staying in this area may be worth the few extra bucks it’s going to cost. One thing is for certain, your hotel room should easily be in line with your standards, and you’ll be filling your tummy with delectable treats at one of the fine dining establishments.

If you’d like to slip in a little time to do some serious shopping, Downtown West is where you will find lots of things you can’t live without. Fashion boutiques are fairly plentiful as well as specialty shops selling their top-of-the-line wares.
Downtown West
5    Downtown East

Downtown East has seen a resurgence over the past few years with renovations and restorations. Plus, it’s only a short one-half mile to the stadium. Vacation rentals are available in this area so if a hotel is out of the question, look around for an entire house to rent. During the Superbowl prices for these private homes are sure to escalate, but if the cost is split between several people it shouldn’t sting anyone too badly.

There are amenities in this area so finding somewhere to eat or guzzle beer will not be a problem, just don’t expect the crazy times you’ll find in Dinkytown. If partying non-stop is of no interest, Downtown East would be an excellent choice.
Downtown East
6    Mill District

This is considered the birthplace of Minneapolis. Virtually everything is available here from dining, shopping, strolling through gorgeous parks, drinking, dancing, and lodging. The Mill City Museum where you can learn about the city’s history in flour production is also located here.

The Mill District is one-half mile from the stadium so its proximity is perfect. A person can spend as much money as they like in this area, but it is also well-suited for the more budget minded.

Hopefully, this information will help you locate the right area of town in a city you may have never visited. To blindly book a reservation could have you sleeping with one eye open in a bad part of town which could ruin your entire Superbowl experience. Find the area best suited for you and don’t hesitate too long before all the good places are gone.
Mill District

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