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Take a Peek at the Most Expensive Vacation Islands in the World

Budgetary constraints are all too often the culprit for limiting our grand vacation plans. We end up settling for what our bank account will allow, just happy to finally have a few days off.

For one moment though, imagine money is no object. The world is your oyster. Would you still go somewhere you just can’t quite afford right now, like a weeklong Disney family vacation? Or would you step things up a notch and find some exotic location reserved only for the wealthiest of travelers? If for no other reason than just because you can.

There are hidden gems tucked secretly away from the world’s general populace. No common riffraff allowed. Private islands set aside for Hollywood stars, sheiks, royalty, and Powerball winners. Fine white sand never trampled on by Wal-Mart flip-flops. Paradises where, if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.

Just in case that proverbial ship does finally come in one day, here are some places where cigars are lit with hundred dollar bills and only the finest of the finest is expected, or even acceptable.
Musha Cay – The Bahamas

Whether a person chooses to reserve this private island for some serious solitary time, or bring 23 of their closest friends with them, the cost is the same. It’s all or nothing at all. In addition to some of the best diving in the world, guests are treated to a deep sea fishing excursion, a special treasure hunt designed just for them, and even their own private fireworks show.

An outdoor movie screen recreates the drive-in theaters of yesterday as guests kick back in comfortable lounge chairs on the beach with fresh bags of popcorn. There is a tennis court, a gym, volleyball, billiards, and a swimming pool.

The finest of meals are delicately prepared and served in the 2,200 sq. ft. Balinese Beach Pavillion, or if you prefer, you can dine on the beach in the light of a tiki torch. All food is paired with wine from the islands extensive collection.

The beach houses all have wrap-around mahogany decks and are furnished with the most exquisite decorations from around the world. Each one also has its own private beach.

One more thing you should know. The entire resort is owned by David Copperfield. Yes. The David Copperfield.

Now, the most important thing. How much will all this set you back? The island can accommodate 24 people. If you show up with 11 of your buddies to stay for the four-day minimum, including all meals and drinks, it’ll set you back $36,000 dollars. Gratuities kindly accepted. Since the island will comfortably house 24 people, if you are feeling exceptionally generous bring the entire entourage.
Musha Cay   The Bahamas
Isla de sa Ferradura – Spain

A stay on this exclusive island, just off the coast of Ibiza, is only within grasp of those with an extra $42,000 dollars to spend on one good night of sleep. The island can accommodate 14 people. A gigantic 130,000 sq ft hacienda, a home cinema, and a Bodega await only the wealthiest of world travelers.

The ultimate in luxury quarters along with a spa, a solarium, a vitamin bar, a Turkish bath, infrared cabins, a beauty salon, and artificial caverns are all part of this exclusive resort. The beaches are quiet and relaxing and there are lush tropical gardens everywhere. If you want to take over the entire island for a week of fun with your friends, a mere $200,000 dollars will lock in the reservation.
Isla De Sa Ferradura   Spain
Fregate Island Resort – Seychelles

Where? Fregate Island Resort is located in The Indian Ocean just south of the equator. It’s an island carved from granite and smothered in jungle fauna with seven private and secluded beaches where you’ll find yourself swimming with giant sea tortoises. In fact, the island is home to 2,200 free-roaming Giant Aldabra Tortoises.

There are seventeen plush villas all built from mahogany and African teak wood with marble floors which remain cool in the hot humid temperatures. Relax in the jacuzzi or swim laps in the infinity pool. The several restaurants serve fresh fruit and vegetables grown right on the island, or if you prefer, arrange for a gourmet meal served on the beach.

Guests have free reign of one of the finest wine cellars found anywhere, as well as a collection of old rums and whiskeys.

For a couple, rates start at the low price of $5500 dollars a night. If you want the entire island to yourself along with the live-in staff it can easily be arranged, but once again, if you have to ask the price…
Fregate Island Resort   Seychelles
Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort & Spa- Mozambique 

Not quite as expensive as the rest, this one comes in at under a grand for the all-inclusive rate of $910 dollars a night for two. The island is beautiful beyond words with 180 species of birds, brightly colored butterflies, five species of dolphins, and huge sea turtles.

The coral reefs make this spot ideal for divers and snorkelers. The beaches are perfect for sunbathing or perhaps a horseback ride along the shoreline. The island has 30 exquisitely furnished thatched roof beach chalets and 14 villas, all with satellite television, air conditioning, and ocean view decks.

Imported low salt clay mixed with Moya fynbos essential oils are used in the spa to cleanse and detox the body of impurities. Enjoy the steam room or an amazing facial or body scrub.

Meals of fresh seafood and vegetables are prepared by world-renowned chefs and can be served in the dining room or on your deck for a more private and romantic experience.

Name your watersport and it’s available. Wakeboarding, skiing, jet skiing, it’s all there waiting for those with enough greenbacks to afford the luxury.
Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort & Spa  Mozambique
While these island resorts offer the epitome of luxury where guests need not lift a pinky for anything, a $25 dollar campsite in the Great Smoky Mountains will remain the absolute best vacation in existence for the other 98 percent of us who still take joy and pleasure in the simpler things in life.

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