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How Do Insanely Wealthy Celebrities Vacation?

As normal everyday citizens trying to stretch our dollars as far as they’ll go, vacations require careful planning and tedious preparation. We want to get the most out of what we’ve been religiously socking away each month for this purpose. We all do this, don’t we? There are hotel reviews to be scrutinized, prices to be haggled, travel modes to be determined, and for the very thrifty, an area-wide internet search of Golden Corrals and free activities.

But not everyone vacations this way. The wealthier among us don’t need to cut as many corners or devote weeks researching and locking down the best rates. They don’t even have to do the planning; full service agents take care of everything for them. But they still have financial limits, albeit much higher than the average Jill or Joe. Still, it only stands to reason, the more moolah, the swankier the experience.

There is yet another category of traveler who exceeds all boundaries by having no boundaries left to exceed. These humanoid creatures are seasoned world travelers with unlimited resources. They fly to Paris on a whim. Five-star ratings are below their standards. They don’t even consider a budget, they just do it or buy it.

These are the celebrities we pay to see at the box office, watch each week on our flat-screens, or enter our debit card numbers to download their latest music releases. These bigger than life entertainers, deserving or not, have made more money than they can spend and are usually still making more. They don’t cut corners, they plow right through them.
Let’s have a look at how these familiar faces spend their vacations.

1    Drake & Rhianna

Now and again super-stars like Drake and Rhianna find the need of escaping both the paparazzi and the swarms of fans asking for autographs and selfies every time they go shopping, out to dinner, or even for a casual stroll in the park.

The on-again, off-again couple is not married though rumors have it they spend lots of time together. What’s a guy to do when he wants to impress his girlfriend and doesn’t think his own $10 million dollar estate is worthy of the accomplishment?  Easy. He rents an even bigger $29 million dollar estate for $7000 a night and invites her to join him.

Located just an hour from Los Angeles on a cliff overlooking the beaches of Malibu lies an 11,000 square foot estate with six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a wine cellar with 1000 bottles of world-class vino, a theater, a chef’s kitchen, and every other type of imaginable amenity.

Other celebrities in need of some R&R have rented the mansion as well and it remains a private luxury getaway for the insanely wealthy.
Drake & Rhianna
2    The Kardashians

It was reported that a vacation in Greece taken by the Kardashian clan, minus Kanye West, came at a cost few of us can imagine. The girls opted to stay on a 161-foot luxury yacht in the waters surrounding the island of Mykonos at a cost of $195,000 a week.  The ship was equipped with 14 mahogany walled bedrooms, a huge sundeck, a fully stocked bar, a jacuzzi, and a full staff to wait on them hand and foot.

But this wasn’t enough for this undeservingly crazy rich family. If they were on the island they simply had to have somewhere to freshen up. This problem was solved by renting a villa for $2000 a night which they seldom used. They took helicopter rides around the island and were seen dining in some of the better restaurants when not eating meals prepared by their own private gourmet chef.
The Kardashians
3    Justin Beiber

Beiber’s life seems to be one non-stop vacation. He’s been spotted just about everywhere and where he’ll turn up next is anyone’s guess. For starters, a couple of years ago he rented a place in Hawaii called Waterfront Estates for two weeks. The cost? $10,000 a night. The home has a 16-feet deep 250 million gallon infinity pool complete with a high dive and an incredible two-story high water slide. There is a helicopter landing pad, a private golf course, and a 450 seat tennis/basketball stadium.

Another time he up and whisked away with model Jayde Pierce to Bora Bora where the two spent most of their time naked on the beach. The two met when Beiber contacted Pierce after seeing her revealing photos on Instagram. But it was no small beach bungalow. It was a 5-star very private villa at St. Regis Resort. The cost of this one? Once again, 10K a night.

When he wants to slum it, Beiber goes to his favorite Mexican hideout where he stays for the bargain price of $4000 a night. The singer earned 83.5M in 2017.
Justin Beiber Waterfront Estates
4    Jerry Seinfeld

If you have the kind of money Jerry Seinfeld has racked up over the years you don’t worry about booking a posh resort or a private mansion, you just go to one your vacation homes. Seinfeld still pulls in 11 figures a year from his TV shows reruns.

Seinfeld’s beach house escape in the Hamptons, which he purchased from fellow New Yorker Billy Joel for a cool $32 million, is just one of the properties enjoyed by him and his family when time permits. Not to label Seinfeld as eccentric, but he has his own baseball diamond in the backyard made with dirt from Shea stadium. The entire compound takes up 12 acres and features a 22 car garage. Quite a vacation home.

It’s reported Seinfeld is selling his $19 million dollar vacation home in Colorado. It boasts 11 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms and has a 5000 square foot deck overlooking the mountains in Telluride.

Recently Seinfeld took his entire family, including their dogs, on a vacation to Greece where they were later joined by Kelly Ripa and her husband,Mark Consuelos. It has not been reported how much money was spent on the trip but there are photos of Seinfeld and his wife Jessica appearing to dine on their own private beach.
Jerry Seinfeld Colorado House
Obviously, we can’t all vacation like celebrities, but because the average person has to scrimp and save for a fun and relaxing week somewhere, perhaps they appreciate it more and end having a better time than those with bursting bank accounts who take everything for granted. Then, again, it would be fun to be able to test that theory sometime.

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