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Connecticut – The Ghost Capital of New England

Connecticut is a beautiful state with heavily wooded rolling hills, covered bridges, turn of the century houses, and a rich history. In the colder months, it turns into a winter wonderland with snowflakes the size of silver dollars. But there is another side to the “Constitution State” which isn’t as well known. There is a dark, mysterious, and creepy side you won’t find in travel brochures.

There are a number of off the beaten path attractions not for the faint of heart. Places you’ll want to brace yourself for prior to visiting. Places where the supernatural and the paranormal are as prevalent as the clouds in the sky.

Since they aren’t widely advertised, here is the inside scoop on where to get frightened senseless.

Warren Occult Museum – Monroe, CT

Ed and Lorraine Warren spent several decades investigating and exploring paranormal activity and the occult. During their searches, they made it a point to collect everything they could find that deals with the occult, and they now have the largest collection in the U.S.

There are toys and dolls they claim are possessed by the devil. There is a haunted doll that moves on its own and the Warrens claim it been the cause of at least one death and multiple injuries. There is also a huge collection of items used in rituals and ceremonies. Prepare yourself for a case of the heebie-jeebies.

This is how the Warrens explain what you will witness: “See the “shadow doll” that can come to you in your dreams and stop your heart! See the Satanic Idol found in the deep woods of Connecticut, the Conjuring mirror used for summoning spirit, the vampire’s coffin used by a modern day vampire, bear witness to a Raggedy-Ann doll which is responsible for a death of a young man, and multiple attacks on those who once mockingly came in contact, see masks used as a topa for diabolical projection, child tomb stones that were used as satanic altars, and a famous organ that plays by itself.”
Warren Occult Museum – Monroe, Conn.
Union Cemetery – Easton, CT

Some claim this small unassuming graveyard is the most haunted in the entire country, and they might not be wrong. Paranormal investigators have spent decades compiling information on the strange goings-on at this cemetery from the 1700’s. A large pile of videos and photos reveals undeniable evidence of this graveyard being a supernatural playground for the spirit world.

The best known haunt is known as the White Lady. Drivers have reported seeing her standing in the road. When she didn’t move they drove right through her. She has been captured on film more than once, and she has also been seen levitating over the grave markers.Though there are many rumors citing who the woman wearing the white gown was when she was alive, that’s all they are. Nobody knows for certain.

Another fairly commonly seen apparition is that of Earlie Kellog, or “Red Eyes,” as the ghostly figure has come to be known. One time a visitor spotted a pair of red glowing eyes staring at him from behind a bush. As he ran he heard footsteps behind him but didn’t bother to turn around and look. Who can blame him?

Other apparitions, orbs, and mist have all been recorded by visitors.
Union Cemetery – Easton, Conn.
Carousel Gardens – Seymour, CT

Since Carousel Gardens is now closed it’ll only be mentioned briefly. The restaurant is said to be haunted by its previous owner, and the founder of the town itself, William H. Wooster. It’s been said that his daughter Ruth is sometimes seen as well. Breaking glass has been heard from inside the building and some have reported seeing the ghost of a cat with glowing eyes.
Carousel Gardens – Seymour, Conn.
Sterling Opera House – Derby, CT

Sterling Opera House was featured in an episode of the TV show, Ghost Hunters. Prior to its closing in 1945, many big names performed there. The stage saw the likes of Red Skelton, John Phillip Sousa, and even Harry Houdini, who performed some escape tricks.

Victoria era dressed figures have shown up on film, and a child’s handprints now and then appear inside the building. Other shadowy figures have been seen on stage and walking the aisles.

Rich DiCarlo, Derby Cultural Commission co-chairman, was showing a couple guests around the building one day when he noticed a door was ajar which had not been the day prior when he had been there. He said he had never seen that particular door open at all. When he walked over to close it the door suddenly slammed in his face.

Mayor Anthony Staffieri has had experiences as well. He said, “I went downstairs with a flashlight on to turn on the power. The light went off. I go outside and it goes on, I go back inside and it goes off.” Another time when he was in the basement he got the strangest feeling and said this, “I felt like somebody was right behind me. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. It was a feeling of being watched.”
Sterling Opera House – Derby, Conn.
Old Newgate Prison and Copper Mine – Granby, Conn.

In 1705 this became the very first copper mine in the U.S. It was later converted to the very first prison in the U.S. The prison had a reputation for people being locked up and never heard from again. To this day nobody knows what happened to them. It was a dark and dingy place where convicts were underfed and treated horrendously.

Visitors have heard voices echoing through the tunnels of the mine and have seen shadowy figures floating down the hallways. These same ghostly figures have been spotted spying on tour groups.
Old Newgate Prison And Copper Mine – Granby, Conn.
Behind all of the natural beauty Connecticut is best known for, lies a world we know little to nothing about. If you have ever had the urge to investigate the paranormal for yourself, Connecticut would certainly be a great place to start.

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