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World’s 8 Best Places to Spot an ALIEN

How many people in this world have seen a UFO or met up with an alien for coffee or long conversations? Not too many, that have been documented anyway. But, now we know that even the Pentagon is taking reports of UFO sightings seriously, spending millions of dollars on a secret program to investigate reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena provided by the military.

Most people would say that they have seen aliens in movies; ET and Men in Black are two of the ones that come to mind. Others will swear that they saw a UFO fly past them in the nighttime sky. While those are great encounters, there are actually a few real places where a person may run into a real live alien.
Here are the world’s 8 best places to spot an alien:

1    Area 51

Area 51 in Nevada has long been known as the destination for spotting UFOs and aliens. It is a highly classified Air Force base and there are many legends as to what has happened at this location. Some people state that an alien spacecraft was recovered nearby and is being stored here, while others say that they have met aliens while visiting outside the gates of Area 51. No one but military personnel are allowed inside, but that doesn’t stop the hundreds of people who show up daily for a little glimpse of the unknown. While visiting this area, people will want to stop in at the Alien Research Center and grab a bite to eat at Little A’Le”Inn.
Area 51
2    Bonnybridge, Scotland

Bonnybridge can be found in the middle of Stirling, Fife, and Edinburgh in Scotland. It is referred to as the Falkirk Triangle, and more than three hundred UFOs sightings occur there every single year. The very first sighting was back in 1992 when James Walker noticed some weird lights in the nighttime sky. The lights moved around until they formed the shape of a triangle. That was the first of many sightings that year, and while there are still skeptics in the area, many locals say that they have spotted a UFO at least once.
Bonnybridge, Scotland
3    Wycliffe Well, Australia

UFOs and aliens have been part of Wycliffe Well’s history since World War II. Locals continuously state that there are lights in the sky quite often. However, during the second World War, there were so many strange things that kept happening, that a serviceman stationed there kept a log of everything that occurred to try to prove that aliens might have been the answer to it all.
Wycliffe Well, Australia
4    El Enladrillado, Chile

The UFOs were first sighted in this area back in 2008, and it did not take long for the tourist board there to take advantage of it all. They created a thirty-kilometer UFO trail that passes through the Andes and bypasses all the sighting locations. The end of the trail is El Enladrillado, which is supposedly a landing pad for all alien spaceships.
El Enladrillado, Chile
5    Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell is where a UFO is rumored to have crashed in 1947, and that was the UFO that was whisked off and transported to Area 51. The Roswell UFO Museum and Research Center holds a wealth of information, plus it hosts numerous events throughout the year. There is also a spaceship shaped McDonald’s in the town.
Roswell, New Mexico
6    Warminster, England

This area is famous for the stone circles of Stonehenge and Avebury, but is became infamous for the alien sounds that were heard during the 1960s and 1970s. Thousands of people visit the area every year in hopes of spotting something, but the only thing that has been seen recently are crop circles nearby.
Warminster, England
7    The M Triangle, Russia

Anyone that wants to see aliens or UFOs in Russia will need to head towards the Molyobka Triangle in the Ural Mountains. For more than one hundred years, people have claimed to see mysterious lights and strange symbols in the sky. However, the most intriguing sightings include translucent beings walking around.
The M Triangle, Russia
8    The Nullabor, Australia

The Nullabor is in the Australian Outback and there have been UFO sightings there since the 1950s. Most of the encounters are calm, but some people have claimed to have been chased by those UFOs as they tried to drive away.
The Nullabor, Australia
No one ever knows when they might spot a UFO up in the sky or happen upon an alien. However, you can increase your chances with a visit to these extraterrestrial hot spots.

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