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Secret Hotel Rooms You Won’t Find Advertised

You can’t book most of these rooms online. You couldn’t find them if you tried. And you may not even be able to bribe your way in with all the money in the world. These are the world’s exclusive, secret hotel rooms! That’s right—tantalizing hidden rooms that you probably didn’t know existed. If you’re lucky enough to stay in one of these rooms, you’ll be sure to have the vacation of a lifetime.

From Disney’s best room to the escapes of gangsters, here are the secret hotel rooms that you’ll be lucky to experience.

The Cinderella Castle Room at Disney World

Did you know that there is a hotel room in the princess castle at Disney World? That’s right, you can actually sleep in Cinderella’s castle! Next time you’re at Disney World, be sure to look up at the windows of the castle. You might catch a glimpse of the lucky guest who gets to stay there!

The suite includes a magical parlor, a foyer decorated with Cinderella’s prized possessions, and a room with a wonderful view of the nightly fireworks show.

Now, if you’re thinking you’re going to go online and book a night, no matter the cost, I have very bad news for you. You can’t purchase a night in the castle. Castle guests are selected through random drawings, so if you want to stay the night in the park, then you’ll have to be a lucky winner.
The Cinderella Castle Room At Disney World
The Cary Grant Room at Warwick New York

Did you know that the legendary Cary Grant actually lived at the Warwick New York for over a decade? Although it’s been quite a long time since he made his home in the hotel, his spacious suite is still decorated to his tastes. If you want to experience the lavish lifestyle of Cary Grant, you can book his room!

It features stunning views from the terrace and can be booked (along with a bartender) for a gathering of up to 40 people. Only a few people know about this lavish room, and it has to be specially requested.
The Cary Grant Room At Warwick New York
Suite 5000 at the Mandarin Oriental

This is another New York hotel with a fantastic secret room experience! Suite 5000 is dripping with lavish opulence. There’s a whole wall covered in Swarovski crystal and an impressive collection of curated art. A record player and hand-selected vinyl collection satisfy discerning musical tastes and you can even get a closet full of Dior fashion with a stylist on call!

This room also has a stunning view! If you stay here, you’ll get floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over the best view in New York City: the Hudson River, Manhattan skyline and Central Park.
Suite 5000 At The Mandarin Oriental
The Villas at Caesar’s Palace

Living it up Vegas-style isn’t hard to do, as long as you can get a reservation at one of these fantastic villas. Although the incredible rooms at Caesar’s Palace aren’t as much of a secret as they used to be (thanks, social media), they’re still not on the radar of most travelers. Nor are they in the budget!

A night’s stay in one of these rooms is a cool $35,000. Although you could buy a house for that much in some places, that doesn’t stop the rich and famous from spending in a night at Caesar’s Palace. In fact, these rooms are hard to get because they’re always in demand!

There are several villas available. The Nobu Villa at Caesar’s Nobu Hotel is over ten thousand square feet, and every inch of it is lavishly decorated. Some of its benefits include a sauna, a zen garden, a whirlpool, and a pizza oven.

Another suite available from Caesar’s Palace is Octavius Tower, which is outfitted with a baby grand in its stately music room. At 11,200 square feet, it’s even larger than the Nobu Villa! In addition to the music room, it has a bar, rec room, pool, and private garden.
The Villas At Caesar’s Palace
Ghost of Abigail Room at Union Station Hotel

Even Nashville has at least one secret room! Although room 711 isn’t a hidden gem of luxury and extravagance, it has its own tempting elements. The Union Station Hotel is a stunningly renovated historic train station, rumored to be haunted by multiple ghosts. According to local myths, this room is the place where a woman named Abigail committed suicide when she lost her true love during World War II. She is said to have thrown herself off the platform in front of an oncoming train after receiving word of her lover’s death.

Although the rest of the hotel is flashy and modern, room 711 is furnished with antiques from Abigail’s era. Some claim that the ghost of the mourning lover still roams the room and the platform at night.
Ghost Of Abigail Room At Union Station Hotel
Al Capone’s Room at the Seelbach Hilton

Although this isn’t a guest suite, the hidden Al Capone room at this Kentucky hotel is pretty awesome. The infamous Capone had his own private room for playing cards at the hotel during Prohibition. Now used as a private dining room, it still boasts the large mirror he had sent from Chicago, positioned so he could always watch his back.

Nearby are two hidden doors leading to secret passageways! If you visit the hotel, you can walk the hidden passage and see the room where Al Capone stayed. If you want to book the dining room, it seats 10 and there is a $1000 food and beverage minimum.
Al Capone’s Room At The Seelbach Hilton
Canyon Suites at the Phoenician

Scottsdale, Arizona just might be the ritziest city in the American Southwest. You can take “high-end” to the next level when you stay at the secret rooms in the Phoenician! The Canyon Suites are 60 extra-luxe rooms that overlook the striking profile of Camelback Mountain. They include daily wine tastings, personal assistants, and even treats for pets.

This Forbes Five-Star/AAA Five Diamond Canyon boutique hotel underwent a $10 million renovation in 2016 and is now welcoming big spenders back to its ultra luxurious digs. The dining options, golf course and infinity pool overlooking Camelback are top draws.
Canyon Suites At The Phoenician
The Pirates of the Caribbean Room in Disneyland

As it turns out, Cinderella isn’t the only Disney resident with secret guests! Walt Disney built a private suite for his family above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland, too.

If you stand outside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and take a look up the nearby staircase, you’ll find yourself staring at a stately Louisiana-style mansion near New Orleans Square. Inside the suite are a living room, an outdoor patio, two bedrooms, and a couple of bathrooms. They are decorated with a classic French flair, just like Disney wanted.

The rooms seem magical! Push a button, and the darkened master bedroom with light up with thousands of stars. Unexpectedly, fantasy scenes appear in the mirrors. And you there’s even a button in the children’s room that makes the toys come to life! Like the Cinderella room, though, you can’t stay here unless you get very lucky—or become the president, whichever comes first.
The Pirates Of The Caribbean Room In Disneyland
Now that you’re in the know, you can try staying at one of these super-secret rooms! Enter a contest or fork out the cash. These rooms aren’t easy to get! If you could pick any of these rooms, which would it be? Would you be a princess for the night or sleep with a ghost?

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