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10 Fastest Passenger Trains in the World

There are many times when the quickest way to reach a destination is by airplane, but trains are beginning to challenge that way of thinking. Newer passenger trains are breaking world record speeds and that is going to change how everyone travels in the future.

Here are the 10 fastest passenger trains in the world:

1    Shanghai Maglev in China

The Shanghai Maglev can travel at speeds of 267 miles per hour, which makes it the fastest train in the entire world. This passenger train has no wheels and it runs by floating on a magnetic field that exists between the track and the train. That magnetic field allows the train to fly over the tracks without ever touching them. The route that the train takes between Long Yang Road and Pudong International Airport is just under nineteen miles long, yet it only takes seven minutes and twenty seconds to complete the journey.
Shanghai Maglev In China
2    Harmony CRH 380A in China

This passenger train can travel at speeds of 236 miles per hour, yet the initial tests had the train going at speeds of 258 miles per hour. The design of the train reduces the aerodynamic pressure when it is speeding along and it was made from a low weight aluminum alloy body. Almost five hundred passengers can ride in this train at a time and they all have electronic displays, power ports, and reading lamps at their seats.
Harmony CRH 380A In China
3    AGV Italo in Italy

The AGV Italo runs at speeds of 223 miles per hour and it is considered the fastest train in Europe. The route of this train goes between Rome and Naples, which is one hundred and forty miles, and it only takes an hour each way. Approximately ninety-eight percent of the train is recyclable, which makes it very eco-friendly. The cars are divided into classes that include Club, Prima, and Smart, but everyone has leather seats, free Wi-Fi, and live television.
AGV Italo In Italy
4    Siemens Velaro E/AVS in Spain

The Velaro E in Spain goes between Barcelona and Madrid at speeds of 217 miles per hour. That means that everyone can travel between those two cities in two and a half hours. Four hundred people can sit within the eight passenger cars during their journey as they watch the countryside whiz by them.
Siemens Velaro E/AVS In Spain
5    Talgo 350 in Spain

The Talgo 350 also goes between Madrid and Barcelona. It has earned the nickname of Pato over the years, as the front car looks like a duck beak. The train is designed to handle pressure waves, even at 217 miles per hour. The seating areas are divided into Club, First, Bistro, and Coach classes and they all offer reclining seats with foot rests.
Talgo 350 In Spain
6    E5 Series Shinkansen Hayabusa in Japan

This passenger train travels at speeds of 198 miles per hour, which makes it the fastest one in Japan. It can actually reach the Shin-Aomory station from Tokyo in just under three hours, despite the distance of four hundred and forty-four miles. The long nose in the front minimizes sounds and vibrations as the train is carrying more than seven hundred passengers through the tunnels. The majority of the seats are within the standard and green classes, but there are eighteen in the gran class. The gran class is quite luxurious and everyone receives eye masks, slippers, and blankets to use during their journey.
E5 Series Shinkansen Hayabusa In Japan
7    Alstom Euroduplex in France

These Euroduplex trains can reach speeds of 198 miles per hour and they are part of the trains that connect the French, Swiss, German, and Luxembourg rail networks. The train is lightweight and has amazing aerodynamics, yet it can carry one thousand passengers for each trip.
Alstom Euroduplex In France
8    SNCF TGV Duplex in France

The SNCF TGV Duplex also reaches speeds of 198 miles per hour and it connects all the major cities in the country. The double deck eco-friendly design has a recyclability rate of ninety percent and the passengers would be safe if there was ever a collision, due to the stiff passenger compartments. The standard class area is wonderful with comfortable seats and access to vending machines and a bar, but the first-class area is much better. That section offers reclining seats, reading lights, and outlets for any device. Of course, the pro section is quite luxurious with larger seats, free Wi-Fi, newspapers, and a welcome drink.
SNCF TGV Duplex In France
9    ETR 500 Frecciarossa Train in Italy

There are seventy-two connections every day along the Milan, Rome, and Naples route and this train takes passengers to them all at speeds of 186 miles per hour. All the cars of this train are soundproof and every passenger has access to free Wi-Fi.
ETR 500 Frecciarossa Train In Italy
10    THSR 700T in Taiwan

The soundproof cars of this passenger train travel at speeds of 186 miles per hour. The safety features of this train include instability detection system, station stopping control, and bi-directional operations. Approximately one thousand passengers will fit inside the cars and their journey between the cities of Taipei City and Kaohsiung would only be ninety minutes long.
THSR 700T In Taiwan
These fast passenger trains are going to continue changing the way people travel. Everyone is going to want to reach their destination as quickly as possible, which means at some point, these trains will become even faster in the future.

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