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10 Best Renaissance Festivals and Fairs

Renaissance festivals, or fairs as they are sometimes called, are weekend gatherings that are held outdoors. Most of them are set in the time of Queen Elizabeth I of England and they are filled with costumed entertainers, a multitude of performances, and tons of delicious food.

Here are the 10 best renaissance festivals and fairs:

1    Carolina Renaissance Festival

This festival takes place from October through November, so it is perfect for those people who want to make multiple visits. While all the activities are fun, most people state that their favorite thing to watch is the jousting tournament where the knights battle for the Queen’s favor. In between activities, everyone will find themselves busy exploring the artisan marketplace and playing games, before spotting Da Vinci’s flying machine.
Carolina Renaissance Festival

2    Texas Renaissance Festival

The renaissance festival in Texas continues for eight weekends and each one has a specific theme including Barbarian Invasion, All Hallows Eve, Pirate Adventure, Highland Fling, Oktoberfest, and Celtic Christmas. There is always something new and different going on at this festival, but the most exciting and most anticipated is the fire whip show.
Texas Renaissance Festival
3    Maryland Renaissance Festival

It seems to be all about the food in Maryland during the renaissance festival! People can be seen strolling along Kenwood Lane, White Stag Grove, Meadow Land, and Valley Meade as they devour smoked turkey legs, meat pie on a stick, peasant bread, and friar’s fritters. The fair maidens and wenches, otherwise known as fair-goers, are encouraged to place garland in their hair and dance along as the music plays for the visiting King and Queen.
Maryland Renaissance Festival

4    Robin Hood’s Springtime Festival

This festival is held in Connecticut each spring and there is one weekend where all dogs are welcome to come dressed in costume to play along. Guys can participate in the Men in Tights contest, which is always a phenomenal sight to see. The Feast of the Merry is quite popular and it is two hours where people can enjoy not only the festival foods but the royalty treatment as well.
Robin Hood’s Springtime Festival
5    Minnesota Renaissance Festival

The Silk Road at this festival offers unique entertainment including belly dancers, live music, and a longbow event. Men can participate in the wench press, where the guys see who can lift their wench the highest up in the air. It is quite amusing to see, especially if a person actually pulls it off with all the laughing that is taking place. The food at this fair is similar to any other, but everyone will enjoy the twist on the beer during the Royal Ale Fest.
Minnesota Renaissance Festival

6    Chippewa Valley Renaissance Festival

Renaissance takes on a whole new meaning in Wisconsin during this festival. During the spring, it is a regular renaissance festival, but that all changes during the month of October when spookiness creeps in. The Village of Terror opens up and guests can clamor in to visit the Asylum, go on a haunted hayride, and enjoy the delicious brew at the Witches’ Kitchen to celebrate Halloween.
Chippewa Valley Renaissance Festival
7    Winslowshire Renaissance Festival

This renaissance festival in Massachusetts donates a portion of its proceeds to the Animals of Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary. People can feel like they are making a difference while listening to Shakespeare recite his plays, eating turkey legs, and drinking the pale ale that seems to be everywhere.
Winslowshire Renaissance Festival

8    New York Renaissance Faire

This faire is held in Tuxedo Park inside the groves of Sterling Forest. It takes place from August through September and people can spend all their time acting the part of the wenches, fair maidens, merry men, and knights as they intermingle with the actors. Everyone will love the aerial acrobatics, knife throwers, jousting tournaments, and the royal pipers, and no one will be able to stop listening to the storytellers that can be seen and heard everywhere in the woods.
New York Renaissance Faire
9    Northern California Renaissance Faire

This faire usually begins the second weekend in September and goes for a full month. The streets of WIllingtown are full of people and music the entire time as everyone transports themselves back into the Elizabethan era. While the faire activities might seem to be enough, they take it a step further with themed weekends that includes a Fantasy Weekend complete with Titania, the Queen of the Fairies.
Northern California Renaissance Faire

10    Ohio Renaissance Festival

There are more than one hundred shows each day of this renaissance festival and they are held on eleven different stages. No one could possibly be bored with all that, but in case someone is not sure what to do, they can also explore the 135 arts and crafts shops and play a number of different games.
Ohio Renaissance Festival
Each one of these renaissance festivals is similar, but they all have a unique twist that makes it different than the rest. Anyone who has never gone to one of these festivals does not know what they are missing, and that should be remedied as soon as possible. After all, there is a whole renaissance world of wenches, fair maidens, and knights in shining armor to see out there!

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