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Best 4-Wheeling Destinations

Four-wheeling is one of America’s best pastimes! There’s so much to be explored, and no better way to do that than from behind the wheel of a tough off-roading vehicle. So let some air out of your tires, fill up your gas tank, and put on your sunglasses! Here are some of the best four wheeling destinations out there. How many can you visit?

Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota

The Black Hills boast some of the United States’ most beautiful forested area! If you want a nice view while ‘wheeling, this is the place to go. Summertime is the best time to drive through these trails.

The Black Hills National Forest Motorized Trail System as over 3,600 miles of road, plus another 600 miles of off-roading trails. Two of the best trails for four-wheeling are Bikini Trail and T-Back Trail.

You do need a permit to drive these trails, and you have to pay $20 per vehicle per week to use the trails, but it’s more than worth the extra planning.
Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota
Chokecherry Canyon, New Mexico

If you’re a fan of off-roading in Las Cruces or Moab, you’ll be sure to love Chokecherry Canyon! This place is what you might expect from a New Mexico four-wheeler destination. It’s dusty and strewn with huge boulders, and there’s not much vegetation to be seen in the desert wilderness.

This place gets really hot in the summer, but it’s great for spring and autumn adventures. Winter isn’t too bad, either. You’ll have plenty of space for climbing and driving in the 3,800 acre OHV area.
Chokecherry Canyon, New Mexico
Johnson Valley, California

The Mohave Desert isn’t the kind of place you might usually choose as a vacation spot. But when it comes to four-wheeling, this is one of the most fun and challenging places you can go!

If you know anything about four-wheeling destinations, you’ve probably heard of The Hammers. This is the name for seven of Johnson Valley’s toughest trails, and it describes what the terrain is going to do to your vehicle if you take the trails.

The easiest trail is the Clawhammer, and it has a 4+ rating. You can probably imagine what the harder trails are like! If you’re up for the challenge, take X Rated, the newest and toughest trail in the area, or the 5+ rated Jackhammer.

It’s not much fun to drive here in the summer, but other times of the year are great for epic adventures! Visit on Columbus Day weekend to join Fun in the Desert and hang out with a couple hundred other off-roading enthusiasts.
Johnson Valley, California
Iron Range OHV Area, Minnesota.

Minnesota’s only OHV park is also one of the best in the Midwest! Not only is this park free for those with a licensed vehicle, but it’s pretty fantastic.

Iron Range covers 1200 acres and includes 36 miles of trail. You’ll find something for every type of four-wheeling activity, from a scramble area to mudholes and hill climbs!

One of the great parts about making Iron Range a four-wheeling destination is that the community is pretty friendly toward off-roading vehicles. You can drive on many of the regular streets in the area, so it’s easy to get from trail to trail. There are also plenty of hotels on the trails that welcome off-roaders!
Iron Range OHV Area, Minnesota
Rausch Creek Off-Road Park, Pennsylvania

Rausch Creek is the hottest off-roading spot in the East Coast. The range covers 3,000 acres and includes trails of all difficulty levels, so everyone can have fun and be challenged!

One of the coolest parts about this area is that you can camp for free within the park. That means you can go as far as you want without having to worry about getting back!

Be sure to go with a buddy, because this park requires at least two vehicles to be together. Better, yet, get a whole group together and enjoy one of the many four-wheeling events in the park!
Rausch Creek Off Road Park, Pennsylvania
Clayton, Oklahoma

The town of Clayton, Oklahoma is pretty microscopic. It has well under a thousand residents, and there’s not much to see. However, it is also the home of some of the best four-wheeling destinations you’ll ever visit!

Green Acres is one of the toughest areas in the region. This is for the most hardcore four-wheelers. It can get pretty wet in the winter and spring, transforming the trails into something even tougher than the already-challenging autumn and summer trails.

Another good trail in Clayton is Kiamichi Trail, also known as K-Trail. This was one a logging trail, but now it’s an excellent off-roading adventure. This is a tough climb up a steep hill, but the view from the fire tower at the top is more than worth it.
Clayton, Oklahoma
San Juan Mountains, Colorado

The mountain wonderland that surrounds Durango, Colorado is excellent for off-roading! Take your four-wheeler here to get an awesome experience and possibly the best views you’ll ever find.

There are a few different off-roading options in the San Juan Mountains. Silverton is a favorite for its historic value and points of interest. You’re pretty much guaranteed to find some old, abandoned mine shafts during your drive!

Another cool San Juan trail is in Ouray, about 25 miles north of Silverton. This old town looks very European, and you’ll wonder if you’ve left the American continent behind you!

Finally, head to Animas Forks for a step – make that “drive” – back in time. This once-booming mine town is now a ghost town. Be sure to check out the old mill and Columbus Mine, which are a little ways north of Animas Forks. This is not a good trail for winter, but it’s awesome in the summer!
San Juan Mountains, Colorado
Which of these trails is at the top of your bucket list? Do you want to tackle boulders in Utah or mountains in South Dakota? Let us know in the comments!

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