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Airbnb’s First Apartment Complex to be Near Disney World

Since Airbnb appeared on the travel scene in 2008, it has been a huge success. Now, Airbnb is taking that success to a whole new level with the first Airbnb apartment complex!

That’s right—pretty soon, you can live in an Airbnb apartment complex near Disney World and rent it out for extra income. Curious what this new money-making opportunity looks like? You’re in the right place! Read on to learn where the complex will be and how you can get involved.
About the Airbnb Complex

Airbnb is joining with the development company Newgard to create their first complex. The building will have over 300 rooms, and it will be called “Niido by Airbnb.” The complex will open in 2018.

This is intended to be the first of its kind and to inspire new travel trends and opportunities for hosts and guests alike. The complex will be an apartment/resort hybrid with the best elements of both accommodation options.

About The Airbnb Complex
Where the New Airbnb Complex is Located

The location of the new Airbnb complex is pretty darn awesome. It’s near the happiest place on earth: Disney World!

This complex will be located in Kissimmee, Florida, just minutes from the Disney resorts. This is the ideal spot for renters to start their own subletting business! The Disney attractions bring in a huge variety of visitors every year. Many families would rather stay at a more budget-friendly Airbnb than an expensive Disney resort, and Niido will provide a perfect opportunity for them to do so. It will also make it possible for hosts to live in an area that might be otherwise out of financial reach. Who knows… it also could pay for Disney season passes as well!

Where The New Airbnb Complex Is Located
How it Works

Renting a unit in Niido by Airbnb will cost between $1000 and $2000 per month. This is a pretty standard rate for Kissimmee apartment properties, since the cost of living in the area is fairly high.

Renters who live in Niido by Airbnb will be able to rent out their unit for up to 180 days every year. This means that renters can spend up to six months traveling while their home racks up the revenue! Although offering an entire unit to guests is limited to 180 nights per year, hosts can rent out individual rooms in their apartment for as many nights as they like.

Of course, there are some rules that must be followed. Although subletting is permitted, it is only permitted through Airbnb. And there are fees involved. Airbnb takes 3% of all renting profits, while Newgard takes 25 percent. While like sounds like a lot, the extra fees go toward special services designed to enhance guest experiences and take away hosting headaches.

How It Works
Perks of Renting

Thanks to the extra renting fees, there are a lot of perks that come with renting an apartment in the Niido complex. Aside from being one of the few rental complexes that allows and even encourages subletting, there are a variety of services available for renters.

Since the complex is designed to accommodate Airbnb renting, it will resemble a hotel in some ways. There will be a concierge for guests, and the entry system will be keyless. This is ideal for renters who want back-to-back bookings. They won’t have to be around to collect keys and meet new guests—they just have to make sure everyone has the right entry code.

The complex will also include an app for renters. With the app, hosts can prepare for guests by arranging maid service and remote check-in abilities. There will also be a “Master Host” employed by the unit who can take care of issues if hosts are not available.

Perks Of Renting
Designed for Home-Sharing

Niido by Airbnb will be especially designed for home-sharing. Structurally, it will be created for easy navigation. For guests, searching for an Airbnb host’s home can often be a frustrating experience. Niido’s design is intended to take away that difficulty and make every unit simple to locate. Everything will be clearly built and labeled throughout the complex.

Additionally, surfaces in the units will be easy to clean. No more struggling with impossible floor textures, dirt-revealing paint colors, or easily-stained countertops! Hosts will love being able to create a spotless environment quickly. Guests will love living in a vacation rental without the fear of losing their deposit due to accidents or tough messes.

Finally, Niido will be idea for home-sharing because the neighbors won’t mind. Anyone who moves into the Airbnb complex expects to have plenty of new people going in and out at odd hours. Strangers next door won’t be surprising or upsetting, so hosts won’t have to deal with disgruntled neighbors.

Designed For Home Sharing
Looking to the Future

Airbnb hopes to create a new line of complexes that will change the way travel is done. A new home-sharing lifestyle trend could have a huge impact on the travel opportunities and financial situations of hosts and guests alike.

Is this the future of home-sharing? Airbnb seems to think so. In fact, there are already more complexes in the works. Soon, you’ll have many Airbnb complex options, no matter where in the United States you plan to travel!
Airbnb Headquarters
Airbnb’s new apartment complex will provide unique opportunities for hosts and travelers. Living near Disney world is a dream come true, and the ability to earn money from your home makes this even better! What do you think about this new development in the travel world? Would you stay at one of these Airbnb apartments? Would you consider living there? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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