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10 Most Expensive Airbnb Rentals in San Francisco

All of California is pricey, especially when it comes to real estate! San Francisco is no exception. This is one of the reasons that it tends to be a favorite destination for celebrities and the rich. While there are plenty of affordable places for regular folk to stay, this city definitely has its fair share of ultra-expensive Airbnb listings! If you have a massive budget for your next big California vacation, you’ll love the look and location of these pricey Airbnb rentals. If you have a tiny budget or none at all—well, can still enjoy browsing through the photos! Read on to have a look at these jaw-dropping expensive Airbnb rentals in San Francisco, California.

1    Victorian Mansion for $10,000

Have you ever seen San Francisco’s gorgeous Victorian mansions? Well, now you can stay in one! This particular mansion, the Payne Hotel, is 134 years old, and it has been made into a lovely boutique hotel. Although you can choose to rent a single room in this hotel, it’s also possible to book the entire thing for a cool ten grand per night. Up to 30 people can fit in the hotel, so this is actually a pretty decent deal! The hotel contains 12 bedrooms and a sitting area, all decorated to reflect the era of the house while maintaining a sleek, modern look. This location is central to San Francisco’s major attractions, so you’ll just be a quick stroll away from anything you want to do! Visit union Square, Lombard Street, Ghirardelli Square, and Pier 39—all of them are less than two miles away.
Victorian Mansion
2    Impeccable Cute Condo for $10,000

Cute and impeccable is right! This condo will make you want to get one of your every own—it’s like Pinterest came to life. Exposed brick contrasts with neat, white paint, rustic yet modern furniture decorates the open spaces, and the touches of blue and glass offer a feast for the eyes. The entire home is well lit, with natural light flooding in from the huge windows. There are six bedrooms in this condo, with a total of 11 beds and room for twenty guests. When you stay in this luxurious condo, you’ll have a wonderful view and the entire city at your fingertips. Stay home and enjoy the view from the penthouse roof, or go on an adventure! It’s up to you.
Impeccable Cute Condo
3    Dream Listing for $10,000

Some Airbnb listings make you scratch your head and wonder what the owner was thinking. The host of this high-priced Airbnb rental is a bit cryptic, telling potential customers only that the listing is a “great place to stay.” How can we know unless we see photos? That is an excellent question, but one that is not likely to be answered soon. Equally unlikely are the chances of anyone actually booking this place! Let’s move on to some better San Francisco accommodations options.
Dream Listing
4    Large Private Bedroom for $10,000

Stay in the center of San Francisco’s activity when you book this private Airbnb bedroom rental! This listing includes a large bedroom all to yourself, a private entrance to your room, a huge bathroom, and an awesome location. Although the space only has one bed, you can fit both a toddler bed and an air mattress in the room, making it ideal for families of four with children. This listing is nice, but it’s unclear why it is so pricey. Did the host accidentally add an extra zero to the listing? The bedroom is located in an expensive area of town, but $1000 per night sounds a lot more realistic for a single room with only one bed. I would recommend booking this room if it were a much lower price, but you can find a lot better options with more space if you’re planning on dropping ten grand on a night in San Francisco.
Large Private Bedroom
5    Super Bowl South Beach Loft from $10,000

This one was apparently a one-off for Super Bowl 50 in 2016. It’s a nice enough modern loft but the price tag would only fly during an event like that. If you were looking to be close to the party, this spacious place with nearly 1700 square feet only 1 block from AT&T park would fit the bill. There are 3 full bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms. Very modern but comfy. Tons of space for activities. Great for having guests over. And, amazingly, 2 parking spots included. Guess you’ll have to wait for the next big event to rent this one.
Most Expensive Airbnb Rentals San Francisco Loft
6    City View Residence for $6,000

This 1900 square foot vacation rental has an amazing view! Stay in style as you gaze out over the skyline of San Francisco. The loft includes three king bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen, and three bathrooms. There is a terrace, where you can sip your morning coffee in the sunshine, and a fireplace for hot cocoa nights on winter evenings. The palatial residence is furnished with hardwood floors, lavish décor, and the best of both technology and appliances. Plus, it has maid service—so you don’t even have to clean up after yourself! Stay here with seven of your closest friends for an incredible, luxurious getaway.
City View Residence
7    LUX Pacific Height for $5,000

What a view! If you book this place, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of both the coast and the city. This refurbished historic house comes with state-of-the-art kitchen, flooring, and décor. Everything is minimalist in shades of white and gray, so you can stay in a relaxing atmosphere during your San Francisco vacation. The bathrooms are spotless and classy, and the bedrooms perfectly plush.  You can fit up to six people in this condo! The rental is located within walking distance to the Union, Golden Gate Bridge, and more, making it a prime San Francisco vacation location.
LUX Pacific Height
8    Clean & Comfy One Bedroom from $5,000

Housing prices are ridiculous in San Francisco, so I guess it stands to reason that some people are going to rent out their place to make the rent. This is a “cozy” one bedroom apartment in the highly desirable Haight district. Wonderful one bedroom, one bath apartment available right down the street from the famous Haight district and a nice 5 minute walk from downtown Cole Valley. It is a recently remodeled apartment with plenty of comforts to make you feel at home Nothing fancy, but nicely remodeled kitchen and marble and glass shower will please guests.
Most Expensive Airbnb Rentals San Francisco Cozy Apt
9    Luxurious 4 Bedroom House from $3,500

This home is located in Upper Cole Valley on a unique, brick-lined street that backs up to a forest preserve . No through traffic, and running or hiking trails are literally steps from your back gate. Four bedrooms, 3200 square feet on three floors. Completely rebuilt in 2013 with upscale appliances, radiant hearing, two fireplaces, super-robust WiFi. Killer views, hot tub,small gym in the backyard.

Another Super Bowl offering, but it’s gorgeous enough that it’s worth checking out.
Most Expensive Airbnb Rentals San Francisco 4BR House
10    Marina Boulevard Water view Home from $3,063

With the sky high rates charged in San Francisco, this one seems like a bargain, at over 3 thousand per night! This is a gorgeous Spanish Mediterranean San Francisco 2017 remodel with designer interiors: 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, with room for 8 guests. Spectacular Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz views, and the Marina Green is right out your front door! Walking distance to shops, restaurants, night life, parks, and the beach! The home has been completely remodeled in 2017. New master bedroom suite, new bathrooms, new living room, and huge new windows with spectacular views!
Most Expensive Airbnb Rentals San Francisco Marina
If you were to book one of these expensive Airbnb rentals, where would you stay? Would you go for historic mansions, or modern high rises? One of the great things about San Francisco is that you do have so many options! It’s easy to plan an ultra-lux vacation in California’s most exciting city, especially when you’re staying in the heartbeat of everything. Whether this describes your next vacation or is only a dream, you have to admit that vacation rentals like these would make the trip extra special.


  1. Andrews Lake
    September 16, 2017 - 3:27 am

    There’s no denying that these mansions are for the rich and celebrities. Looking at the prices, I don’t think I can afford any. However, assuming I’ve got the money, the Marina Boulevard Water view Home is an ideal choice for me. Its remodeling has new features to offer and I’d love to be there.

  2. Yassine
    September 16, 2017 - 1:32 pm

    These places are very expensive! i enjoyed seeing the pictures, who know maybe one day will be rich and afford one of them, in that case my choice will be the Victorian Mansion

  3. John Shankle
    September 18, 2017 - 7:45 am

    Great list. I checked out all of them and Victorian Mansion has stolen my heart. It’s wonderful property. I’m getting married in 2 years and it is the perfect place for me. My GF will love this. Do they book this property with Airbnb only? Please reply ASAP.

  4. Richard G.
    September 19, 2017 - 4:51 pm

    No doubt they all look beautiful, captivating and expensive but LUX Pacific Height is a perfect choice for me anytime am ready to give myself a treat.

  5. Sam Wright
    September 20, 2017 - 9:29 am

    I have actually stayed at the Marina Boulevard Water View Home, twice! I absolutely loved it both times. While it was part of a business trip and I couldn’t fully enjoy it the first time, I went back as part of a vacation the second time and really got to enjoy it. It is worth every penny to stay there!


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