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Most Expensive Airbnb Listings in Adelaide Australia

Adelaide, Australia is a beautiful beachside destination for families, couples, and friends! If you want to really go all out on accommodations for a trip to Adelaide, you won’t be hard pressed to find some pretty incredible options. They eight most expensive Airbnb vacation rentals in Adelaide are all very impressive! Whether you have a big group or just like extreme luxury, there is something for you here. Read on to learn how you can drain your bank account in Adelaide in a week.
1    Barossa Dreams and Apartments for $2,039

This property is quite magnificent! It’s little wonder that it takes the grand prize for the most expensive Airbnb rental in Adelaide. This vacation rental is actually two vacation homes in one, and together they support 33 overnight guests. People of all ages will love this place, with its sprawling grounds, endless rooms, elegant furnishings, and swimming pool. You can enjoy the many activities in the area ranging from a walk in the garden to a tour of the nearby winery!
Barossa Dreams And Apartments
2    Rymill Centre for $1,958

Rymill Centre is a large guesthouse with 15 rooms. Up to 82 people can fill this rental when you book the entire thing for your group event! This is a great place to book when you have a large number of people in Adelaide for a family reunion, church function, business getaway, or other event. This is even a great spot to stay for a youth camp! Whatever you want to do, this can actually be an incredibly affordable place to book for large groups.
Rymill Centre
3    Light-Filled Stunning Home for $1,862

Lavish living and luxury at your fingertips is what you can expect when you stay at this spacious, open home. You will enjoy everything you could possibly need – and more! The house features three bedrooms that fit eight people, a huge study with a balcony, and even instruments for music lovers. Outside, there is a barbeque and beautiful yard that is perfect for a picnic. The owners of this house go above and beyond to make sure your stay is comfortable. You’ll even get basic groceries and some wine!
Light Filled Stunning Home
4    Penthouse Magic for $1,632

This is probably the most incredible penthouse in all of Adelaide! This place has the magical views that make a penthouse worth extra money. From here, you can see the gulf, the lake, and the hills. This is a wonderful backdrop to your high-end experience on top of the world! This penthouse can accommodate 6 guests, and you’ll have run of the stocked wine closet, theater room, and swimming pools.
Penthouse Magic
5    ORA Luxury Villa for $1,632

Your first look at this incredible mansion will make you say, “Wow!” This modern home is covered in windows, from the top of the highest floor to the floorboards of the bottom floor. The house is quite a stunner, but the location is just as incredible. It is build grandly on top of the cliffs of Moana! The many windows of the house overlook the ocean, hinting at the beach access that you’ll be sure to enjoy over and over during your stay. You’ll have to tear yourself away from the house to go, though, and this might prove difficult! The house is practically gilded in luxury. There are two lavish king master rooms among the four bedrooms, plus artistic décor and a sparkling pool. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this house!
ORA Luxury Villa
6    Your Complete Barossa Experience for $1,567

Book this rental to get a package of four apartments for your stay. Sixteen people can stay in the apartments, and you’ll get full run of the entire complex, including the courtyard, pool and other amenities. Each apartment has two bedrooms apiece, plus a kitchen with the latest updates. If you divide by four to find the cost of each apartment, you’ll come up with under $400 per apartment, or less than $100 per person. That might be on the high end of things for travelers on a budget, but it is a great price for a luxury stay in Adelaide!
Your Complete Barossa Experience
7    Luxurious Beach and Pool House for $1,305

This big, beautiful house has the best of everything—location, amenities, comfort, and luxury! You can stay here and do nothing but relax by the pool, or head to the restaurants and nightlife venues in the area. During the day, you can walk to the beach or take one of the bike trails in the environs! Enjoy everything you need and more while you have lots of fun on your Adelaide vacation.
Luxurious Beach And Pool House
8    The Old Woodhouse Manor for $1,305

This place has such old-world charm that you will hardly believe you are in Australia and not Europe! This manor is a heritage property containing two stories, 60 bunk-style beds, and acres of bushland. You’ll get to enjoy some beautiful English gardens that take you back into a time long past, but you’ll find yourself back in the 21st Century when you turn on the huge TVs in the house. Aside from modern amenities and cutting edge technology, the house is decorated to reflect the time period it was built in. Enjoy a weekend of adventure in the surrounding natural areas, go stargazing, and take a break from the flashy, busy world of the city! This is the best way to experience Australia’s great outdoors while still living in comfort.
The Old Woodhouse Manor
9    Port Elliot Beach House for $1,214
Perfect for family reunions, sporting, religious and special interest groups .Enjoy the entire historic and boutique Port Elliot Beach House YHA all to yourself! Sleeping up to 40 people in 17 rooms with a mix of double, twin, family and bunk rooms, bright, comfortable common lounge, dining and kitchen areas. There’s also a great sunset deck, BBQ area and veggie patch. Enjoy nearby gentle swimming beaches or commanding surf, whale watching, walking and bicycle paths and a beautiful historic coastal village. Our live-in hosts will help you with all your booking needs.
Port Elliot Beach House For ,214
10    Collingrove Homestead for $1,154
Collingrove is suited to a romantic getaway or a family/friends get together. Each guest room is individually styled. All rooms are furnished with French Provincial hand-carved beds, crisp white linen and French Toile quilts. The beds are of a high quality ensuring a good night sleep. There are five guest rooms in total; three have ensuite bathrooms which are decorated in black and white English tile. There are two more bedrooms which are the Maids Quarters – Wisteria and Jasmine. The Wisteria room can be a private room with sole use of the bathroom or both (Wisteria & Jasmine) can be used as a two bedroom suite with shared use of the bathroom.

Guest amenities include a large Hydrotherapy spa located in the old Carriage House. The Guest Lounge is a great space to socialise, relax on the leather lounges and stoke up the open fire. The Lounge has wine glasses, tea, coffee facilities and a full size fridge for guests use.

Collingrove is set on 14 acres, with manicured gardens and authentic paddocks. Your generous cooked and served Barossa breakfast is either served on the front verandah overlooking the front gardens or the Homestead Dining Room (depending on the weather).
Collingrove Homestead For ,154

Love these Airbnb rentals? So do I! The historic manor in the bush sounds particularly incredible. Maybe I should plan that for our next family vacation! Which your favorite? Let us know which of these most expensive Airbnb rentals would make your dream vacation perfect!

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