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Set Sail on One of These Fun Pirate Cruises

Who wouldn’t love to take a pirate cruise that is full of Ahoy Mateys and Walk the Planks?? After all, pirates have been talked about for hundreds of years and even glamorized in movies like the Pirates of the Caribbean, so everyone wants to act like a pirate at one time or another.

Here are the 7 best pirate cruises that everyone should set sail on:

1    Captain Jack’s Pirate Ship Adventure in Virginia Beach, Virginia

This pirate ship is docked at the Inlet Station Marina and the captain needs help in rescuing his treasure from the horrible Blackbeard! There are cruises for families as well as ones that are designed for people over the age of twenty-one. Each one will have every guest taking on a pirate role as they try to capture Blackbeard and gain control of the treasure once again.
Captain Jack’s Pirate Ship Adventure In Virginia Beach, Virginia
2    Buccaneer Pirate Cruise in Destin, Florida

This pirate ship can be found in HarborWalk Village and it takes more than one hundred people on an adventure of their lifetime. Throughout the cruise, guests will be entertained with sword fights, singing, dancing, storytelling, water gun battles, and even a treasure hunt or two. At one point, people will hear the cannon fire as a warning to any other pirates who are nearby.
Buccaneer Pirate Cruise In Destin, Florida
3    Black Pearl Pirate Tours in Marco Island, Florida

This pirate ship began doing cruises along Little Egg Harbor in New Jersey back in 2010, but the owners quickly decided that they needed to sail south towards the warmer waters of Florida. They landed in Marco Island where they now allow families to make memories on one of their infamous pirate cruises. Each and every guest is taught how to walk, talk, sing, and dance like a true pirate as they relentlessly search for the keys that Pirate Pete stole. Those keys are needed to open the treasure chest that is filled to the brim with goodies for everyone.
Black Pearl Pirate Tours In Marco Island, Florida
4    Pirate Adventures in Martha’s Vineyard

The Pirate Adventures cruise will take guests along the shoreline of the historic Oak Bluffs on a custom-made pirate ship. Everyone will have fun as they piece together the treasure map, while battling rival pirates and firing water cannons. The end of the adventure will include hoisting the sunken treasure from the ocean floor and seeing what is left inside.
Pirate Adventures In Martha’s Vineyard
5    Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise in Clearwater Beach, Florida

The journey begins with the ship and its passengers searching for dolphins in the blue water of the ocean, but that quickly changes as the pirates come out and take over the ship. When they are in charge, there are numerous water gun games as well as a search for the hidden treasure that is supposed to be on board. Every guest will be entertained by the stories that are told and no one will be able to stay away from the dancing that takes place on the deck.
Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise In Clearwater Beach, Florida
6    Pirate Adventures in Hyannis, Cape Cod

While this pirate cruise can be taken by anyone, it is perfect for those who are ages three to ten. Everyone will climb on board the Sea Gypsy before it ventures out into Hyannis Harbor. The flags will then be hoisted, the cannons fired at any enemies, and the treasure maps will be found and read as people try to find the hidden treasure.
Pirate Adventures In Hyannis, Cape Cod
7    Scallywags in Erie, Pennsylvania

The Scallywags ship is operated by Captain Tiny Tim, and he works closely with all his pirate crew to ensure that everyone has a phenomenal time during their cruise. Parents can sit back and relax while watching their children sing and dance with the pirates, or they can join in on the fun. Every guest must take the pirate’s creed, have their face painted, and have a temporary tattoo placed on their body. Once that is done, the real fun begins as every pirate searches for Captain Skull. He stole the Scallywags treasure and Captain Tiny Tim needs everyone’s help to get it back.
Scallywags In Erie, Pennsylvania
Many of these pirate cruises are perfect for children, but that does not mean that adults will not have fun as well. It is the perfect way to spend an afternoon or an evening out on the water, especially if the pirates win and find their hidden treasure.

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