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Weirdest Pizza Toppings in the World

Who doesn’t love pizza? This awesome dish has found its way all over the world! However, not everyone makes pizza alike. While New Yorkers are ordering pepperoni and cheese, people in Tokyo opt for mussels and clams. Curious about the weirdest pizza toppings in the world? Read on! You won’t be disappointed.

Emu:  Australia

Emu tastes just like chicken! At least, we would assume so. If you want to take your love of poultry to the next level, why not try this pizza next time you visit Australia? If Emu isn’t quite to your liking, you can always try crocodile or kangaroo meat on your pizza.
Emu on Pizza  Australia
Red Herring:  Russia

If you’ve ever taken Logic or Speech and Debate, you know that you ought to avoid red herrings. If we are talking about food rather than rationality, though, you might want to put this on your list of foreign foods to try! In Russia, you can find pizza with all sorts of fishy toppings, from sardines to red herring! Wash it down with a swig of vodka and you’ll have yourself a real Russian meal.
Red Herring on Pizza Russia
Smoked Reindeer:  Finland

Unless you have qualms about eating Rudolph, you’re sure to find a Finnish smoked reindeer pizza exotic and delicious! If you’ve ever had veal, you will have a pretty good idea of what reindeer tastes like. It’s a bit like beef, but gamier. In a good way. This might put you on Santa’s naughty list, but hey, you can always use a lump of coal.
Smoked Reindeer on Pizza Finland
Gold:  Dubai

Of course Dubai would to find a way to put gold on a pizza! If you go to Dubai (and have a $204,200 dinner budget), you can dine at Pierchic and get a taste of “Royal Pizza.” This pizza is covered in load of fancy mushrooms, plus two ounces of gold leaf.
Gold on Pizza Dubai
Green Peas:  Brazil

Does anyone actually like those little green eyeball-like veggies? Apparently, they are pretty popular in Brazil! While green peas don’t sound like an obvious pizza topping choice, this is pretty popular meal in South America. There are a lot of other veggies that American tastes might find more palatable on pizza, but this is certainly one way to get your greens!
Green Peas on Pizza Brazil
Potatoes:  Japan

Japan has all sorts of strange ideas about what goes on a pizza. Admittedly, they are generally healthier than the typical U.S. sausage and pepperoni! One topping in particular just doesn’t sound good at all, though, and isn’t especially healthy! Potatoes are a common pizza topping in Japan, and they are often mixed with corn and other veggies.
Potatoes on Pizza Japan
Haggis:  United Kingdom

Leave it to the UK to make pizza disgusting. The UK has a lot going for it – afternoon tea, cool accents, and the Queen – but they don’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to food. Apparently, even British pizza is doomed. Haggis is basically bits and pieces of left-over animal guts, like stomachs and other gross things. Why in the world would you put that on a pizza?
Haggis on Pizza United Kingdom
Cinnamon:  Palestine

If you order a pizza in Palestine, you’re likely to get lots of spices on your pizza—including cinnamon! While that might sound like a dessert pizza, this pizza is actually savory. Usually, you’ll find pine nuts along with spicy pizza toppings in Palestine. This doesn’t sound much like the pizza we know and love, but it does sound pretty good!
Cinnamon on Pizza Palestine
Banana:  Sweden

Bananas and Sweden don’t exactly seem to go together, but thanks to the wonders of modern globalism, it has been made possible! Actually, banana curry pizza is one of the most popular pizzas in Sweden, and it seems to be unique to Sweden. If you want to try out a Swedish classic, this is a pretty easy dish to make at home.
Banana: Sweden
Salsa:  Colorado

The Western United States has pretty much been overtaken by Mexican food. And why not? You can give almost any dish a Mexican twist, and it’s always delicious! In Colorado, it’s not hard to find a restaurant that serves salsa pizza. It’s also pretty easy to make your own, or even make a hybrid quesadilla-pizza with salsa sauce.
Salsa on Pizza Colorado
Horse Meat:  Denmark

And you thought horse meat was just for dogs. Nope! As it turns out, you can find horsemeat on pizza in Denmark. At least, you could in 2013. While some people probably wouldn’t mind eating horsemeat if they knew what they were getting, the people who ate horsemeat pizza in Denmark thought they were eating beef! According to the Daily Mail, some pizzerias received horsemeat labeled as pure beef. Apparently, it tasted okay—nobody figured out the food fraud until a routine check by the government revealed the scandal.
Horse Meat on Pizza Denmark
Squid:  Japan
Japan loves to put seafood on pizza! You can find just about any kind of fish or mollusk on pizza in Japan, including squid. If you’re a sushi lover, this might sound pretty appetizing to you. You can even try it on black ink dough, made with squid ink. At least it is adventurous—nobody could argue with that!
Squid On Pizza Japan
Eggplant:  Boston

Do you know anyone who loves eggplant? Not my fave, but it is a staple in Italian cuisine. This purple veggie has found its way to pizza in restaurants all over the Boston area! In fact, it has become very popular. If nothing else, that’s a pretty healthy option.
Eggplant on Pizza Boston
Honey and Goat Cheese:  Sint Maarten

Just a short walk from the beach on this Caribbean island, you’ll find a little pizza shop called Papa Dan’s. Stop here, and you can order a pizza smothered in goat cheese and honey! In fact, a lot of pizzas at this restaurant feature a sweet drizzle of honey. Who says you can’t have your sweet and your savory at the same time? It might sound weird, but this trend is growing in popularity all over the world. Maybe Sint Maarten is just ahead of the curve.
Honey And Goat Cheese on Pizza Sint Maarten
Do any of these pizzas sound good to you? Next time you travel, find a local pizza place and see what new and interesting flavors you can find. Be brave – you never know what you might end up loving! Encountered any other strange pizza toppings in your travels? Tell us about them in the comments.

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