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Spend Your Next Vacation with Royalty: Palaces and Estates that Welcome Guests

If you’re planning a luxurious getaway for your next vacation, why stay in a 5-star resort when you can rub elbows with the royals at some of the world’s most sumptuous palaces? Many royals are rolling out the red carpet to welcome guests for overnight stays in their palatial expanses, making for vacations that go beyond basic luxury for the kind of opulence you’ve until now only dreamed about.

You can easily sleep like a king or queen at these gorgeous royal estates.

1    Udai Bilas Palace – India

This beautiful Art Deco-style palace is perched upon the lakeshore in a stunning little town called Dungarpur. The owner, Maharaja of Dungarpur, took painstaking efforts to preserve the rooms during renovations to keep the original style and furniture. Plus, the family is known to join guests for dinner or drinks. The backdrop to your dining pleasure is a medieval Hindu temple born into the walls.
Udai Bilas Palace – India
2    Ruspoli Bonaparte’s Renaissance Palace – Italy

In the heart of Rome, this fairytale palace is no longer reserved for aristocrats. Marvelously appointed, the princess Maria Pia, once a beauty queen and actress, along with her daughter Giancita, have taken great measures to keep the palace intact. They still inhabit one wing of the property and make a habit of joining guests for cocktails on the balcony which affords some of the most delightful views in all of Rome.
Ruspoli Bonaparte’s Renaissance Palace
3    Palacio de Villapanes – Spain

Heading to Seville to enjoy the romantic sights? This former 18th century palace is quite the 5-star Andalusian palace. Complete with ornate details from marble pillars to jeweled tiles, it grants a peaceful respite from the throngs of activity in central Seville, making it an ideal retreat for romance.
Palacio De Villapanes
4    San Domenico Palace – Sicily

It’s a former monastery from the 15th century, and quite well-preserved at that. Spacious, historic and beautiful inside and out, it makes for a resplendent place to hang your hat after a day of shopping and dining in Taormina’s busy streets below. Room with a view you say? This palace offers stunning views of Mount Etna, particularly at night when it’s erupting, glimpses of the ancient Greek theatre, and of course the sparkling Ionian Sea. Formal flowering gardens also make for a serene and pleasurable setting.
San Domenico Palace
5    Lalitha Mahal Palace – India

In 1921, the Maharaja of Mysore built this vast palace that bears a strong resemblance to St. Paul’s Cathedral in London for the sole purpose of hosting the British Viceroy. The original and exquisitely opulent furniture remains to this day in the Heritage suites, ideal for your vacation experience. Each day ends with a lovely tea time on the first floor terrace, affording views of the smoldering sunset over the city.
Lalitha Mahal Palace
6    Hotel Du Palais – France

Once upon a time, this palace was built by Napoleon III for Princess Eugenie. The impeccable glamour and style from this time is still very well preserved, offering absolute comfort and elegance that exceeds 5-star expectations. Guests here truly feel like royalty and enjoy a magnificent setting overlooking the beaches.
Hotel Du Palais
7    Olissippo Lapa Palace – Portugal

On the hilltops above the Lapa River, this former 19th century palace juts out above the gorgeous skyline of mansions and palaces with sheer elegance. Inside, you’re transported to another time with a regal charm that truly reverberates through the wall-to-wall antique interiors. At any given time, you’ll be staying with royals and rock stars alike.
Olissippo Lapa Palace
8    Dunboyne Castle – Ireland

About 30 minutes northwest of Dublin, this historic Irish castle property from the 18th century became a Georgian house. From there, it was converted into a convent. And now, it’s a splendid hotel sitting atop lush greenery. It’s a beautiful place that even features 24-hour room service and a serene spa, complete with a hydrotherapy pool and an outdoor hot tub ideal for relaxing in this hillside retreat.
Dunboyne Castle
9    Hotel Alhambra Palace – Granada

Perhaps the most fitting description of this former palace is grand, for few things on the planet are deemed more impressive than this gorgeous estate. It was originally built for King Alfonso XIII and even held a hospital at the time of the Spanish Civil War. Since 1942 though, it’s been a hotel and offers close proximity to the Alhambra, a palace and fortress dating all the way back to the 11th century. Architecturally stunning, it offers a royal stay plus more modern amenities that one expects from upper echelon accommodations.
 Hotel Alhambra Palace
What’s most surprising about these palaces though is that they’re quite reasonably priced in comparison to other 5-star hotel options. For accommodations that are fit for royalty, check into one of these magnificent places when you travel the world.

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