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Amazing Themed Hotel Rooms for Kids

When was the last time you stayed in a castle? How about a magical wolf den? If you haven’t experienced anything like this yet, you can make it a part of your next family vacation! All over the United States and even throughout the world, there are many cool themed hotel rooms designed especially for kids. These rooms and suites take it beyond kid-friendly. Check out some of these awesome rooms for vacation-planning inspiration!
1    Outer Space

Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton, Canada has a lot of cool themed hotel rooms, but this one takes the cake. The Space Room looks like something you’d find in a real space shuttle, from the star-studded ceiling to the bluish glow that makes up the room’s lighting. You’ll even get a retro-mod round chair, all-white appliances, and TV screens that look like windows to the Milky Way.
Outer Space   Fantasyland Hotel
2    LEGOs

No list of awesome kid-friendly hotel rooms would be complete without mentioning the LEGO hotel rooms! The LEGO hotels in California and Florida actually have several room styles to pick from, but all of them are decked out in LEGO style with bright colors, cut-outs, and fun elements. There’s a pirate room, a kingdom room, and even a princess room for pink addicts!
3    Train Car

Yes, you can actually stay in a train car when you visit the Featherbed Railroad in Lake Clear, California! If you or your kids are Boxcar Children fans, this is a dream come true. Each room at this hotel is located inside of a vintage train car. To make things even better, they also each feature a special theme! You can enjoy a beach theme, a Western theme, or one of the seven other styles at Featherbed Railroad.
Train Car
4    UFO

If the outer space theme is quirky enough for your kiddos, check out the Treehotel in Harads, Sweden! This hotel is a literal treehouse in the woods, built in the shape of a UFO. It can fit up to five people, so your whole family can experience what it’s like to be abducted by aliens.
5    Minions and More

Pretty much everyone loves the Despicable Me movies! Be a part of the fun and wackiness when you stay at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Here, you can sleep soundly while your kids play in their separate minion room! The beds look like the missiles from the movie, and the walks are decorated with minion wall paper! There’s plenty of space for imaginative play between trips to Universal Studios.
Minions And More
6    Igloos

Kakslautten Arctic Resort in Saariselka, Finland has some of the coolest igloos you’ll ever find! Each igloo is a separate hotel room, complete with cozy furnishings. The best part, though, is the roof! The tops of the igloos are made of glass, offering incredible views of the Northern Lights from the comfort of your own warm room! The beautiful snowy daytime view isn’t half bad, either. This is a great way to introduce your kids to some of the world’s most stunning and rugged wonders.
7    A Wizard’s Chambers

The Georgian House Hotel in London is a quaint bed and breakfast with many things to love. However, there are some rooms that will really catch your kids’ eyes! The Wizard Chamber suite looks like something out of Harry Potter. You’ll get the regal stone walls, the arched doorways, and the dark, draping fabric that whisks you away into a world beyond our own. Make the magic come to life for your favorite muggles when you stay here!
A Wizard’s Chambers
8    Trolls Cavern

The hotel La Balade des Gnomes in Dunbury, Belgium is unlike anything you’d find at home! This hotel has several fairytale-themed rooms, including a troll cavern room where kids can sleep in a cozy cave-like room with magical touches. If you’re looking for an adventure, this is it!
Trolls Cavern
9    Barbie Dreamhouse

Every little girl wanted the Barbie Dreamhouse when I was growing up. Whether or not your girlie girls have one for their dolls, they’ll love staying at a people-sized version, the Hot Pink Suite at The Palms in Las Vegas, Nevada! This suite will make you feel like you’ve shrunk down to a few inches tall and walked into the world of Barbie dolls! The furniture and design of the room reflects actual Barbie furniture, including clear plastic chairs and slick, retro furniture. Even the photos on the walls feature Barbie models.
Barbie Dreamhouse
10    Nutcracker Suite

Do you love the Nutcracker Ballet? Take your Christmas traditions to the next level when you stay at the Nutcracker Suite in the Ritz-Carlton, Boston Common. This room is full of classic Christmas touches, and even offers extra-special treats that vary from year to year. You might receive a pointe shoe autographed by a famous ballet dancer, or you could get a CD of the orchestra performing Nutcracker or even an American Girl Place shopping spree!
Nutcracker Suite
11    Wolf Den

If you stay at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas, you’ll light your kids’ imaginations on fire. While adults get normal sleeping quarters (thank goodness for comfy hotel beds and cozy comforters!), kids will get to stay in their own section — a cave that accommodates up to six people! The cave looks just like a wolf den, allowing little ones to pretend they are in The Jungle Book or perhaps just out in the woods somewhere.
Wolf Den
12    Jurassic Park

Loews Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando, Florida offers the most epic hotel room your dinosaur aficionados will ever find! This suite is huge, and it has a separate room for the kids to sleep and play. There are even dinosaur figurines to kick off early-morning dino battles!

Your next hotel stay doesn’t have to be boring! Make your family vacation extra special with a stay in one of these cool kid-friendly rooms! There’s something out there for every family vacation.

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