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Coolest Zip Lines in the World

These coolest zip line rides in the world will take your breath away! Part sightseeing, part thrill ride, zip lining offers an adrenaline rush like no other. Best of all, zip lining is an adventure that almost all travelers can experience, even if they are not particularly athletic or strong. The views are incredible and the ride is always exciting, but some zip line rides are a step above the rest.

Check out these coolest zip lines in the world:

1    Ziprider at Icy Strait Point, Alaska

This is probably one of the easiest ziplines to ride, because people sit in a seat while they are soaring along the line, so they do not need to wait to be fitted with any special equipment. It is billed as the world’s largest ziprider. At Icy Strait Point, there are six different zip lines and each one is 5,495 feet in length and they all descend 1,320 feet. As people are riding above the Alaskan Tundra, they can reach speeds of sixty-five miles per hour.
Ziprider At Icy Strait Point, Alaska
2    Jaguar Cave Zip Line, Belize

This is the only zip line in the world that takes riders actually through a cave! Anyone who wants to ride along the Jaguar Cave Zip Line will need to walk through the thick jungle first. Once everyone reaches the limestone cliff, they get set up and then soar for 500 feet above the jungle as they look down upon Mayan caves. Everyone zips through stalactites and stalagmites before going through Jaguar Cave. At the end of the zip line, people hike through a narrow passage until they reach a unique frozen waterfall.
Jaguar Cave Zip Line, Belize
3    Zip 2000, Sun City, South Africa

This is the fastest zip slide in the entire world and people fly along the one and a quarter mile line at speeds of up to one hundred miles per hour. On a zip slide, riders lie prone in sling of sorts. During the flight, people go over the grasslands of the city and see the Palace of the Lost City, the Valley of the Waves, and numerous golf courses. They also get to see a dormant volcano from above. The Zip 2000 is located in the Sun City entertainment area and adjacent to the Pilanesberg Game Reserve.
Zip 2000, Sun City, South Africa
4    Arenal Volcano Park, El Castillo, Costa Rica

The zip line course at Arenal Volcano Park consists of seven different zip lines. The shortest is 656 feet while the longest measures in at 2,500 feet. People get to experience them all as they go through the entire course and people are encouraged to keep a watchful eye out for indigenous monkeys and those oh so colorful toucans that call the rainforest home.
Arenal Volcano Park, El Castillo, Costa Rica
5    Flight of the Gibbon, Mae Kampong, Thailand

There is more than zip lining at the Flight of the Gibbon. During the course, people will ride along a series of zip lines, but they will also need to cross two different sky bridges and rappel down two descents. At the end of the course, everyone is greeted with a classic Thai meal.
Flight Of The Gibbon, Mae Kampong, Thailand
6    Zip Trek Eagle Tour, Whistler, British Columbia

There are five different zip lines included in this course, but they are also combined with four treetop bridges, so that everyone has the ultimate experience. To enhance the experience even more, on some of the zip lines, people can ride backwards, starfish style, or upside down. During the time on the zip lines, everyone will have breathtaking views of Fitzsimmons Valley as well as the mountains of Whistler and Blackcomb.
Zip Trek Eagle Tour, Whistler, British Columbia
7    Zipflyer, Kathmandu, Nepal

Zip liners will find themselves 5,400 feet above the ground during part of their zip lining experience on the Zipflyer. While reaching speeds of up to seventy miles per hour, people will then experience a 2,000-foot vertical drop. This Himalayan zip line adventure has bragging rights as the tallest, longest, and steepest zipline in the world.
Zipflyer, Kathmandu, Nepal
8    La Tyrolienne, Val Thorens ski resort, France

This highest zip line in the entire world, at an altitude of 10,597 feet, is reserved for skiers at the resort. They actually take their skis with them. People definitely experience an adrenaline rush while riding along this line while viewing spectacular views of the French Alps.
La Tyrolienne, Val Thorens Ski Resort, France
9    Haleakalā Skyline Tour, Maui, Hawaii

Riders soar over the Haleakalā National Park on the Haleakalā zip line, while stopping ever so slightly above canyons and ninety foot drops. All of the five zip lines go down a large dormant volcano. That is always the most exciting part, except for the swinging bridge and the pendulum zip line.
Haleakalā Skyline Tour, Maui, Hawaii
10    Hocking Hills, Hocking Hills, Ohio

Eleven zip lines complete this zip line course and it combines canopy towers and trees as people soar along over the landscape and even the Hocking River. IF you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can even descend deep into a cave on their zip line, which will definitely earn them the title of fearless flyer.
Hocking Hills, Hocking Hills, Ohio
Zip lines are a phenomenal way to see views of a place from a different perspective. They add adventure into the activity and once a person has ridden a zip line, they will be hooked and will want to travel around the world to see if they can possibly ride them all.

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