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Best Places for Tandem Skydiving in New Zealand

There’s no doubt that New Zealand is one of the world’s best countries for tandem sky diving. If you want to experience sky diving just for fun, then tandem sky diving- which is a fall while you’re strapped to an expert and don’t have to do the work—is an excellent opportunity to try this adrenaline-filled sport! It’s also a great way to see the landscape from a new (and far more stunning) perspective. There are many places to skydive in New Zealand. Check out this list of the top 11 places to try tandem sky diving in New Zealand.

1    Queenstown

This is a popular place to skydive in New Zealand. From the air, you can see the highest point in the country, Aoraki Mt. Cook! You may never hike it, but you can say that you saw the peak. You can tandem skydive here with Nzone Skydive, New Zealand’s oldest tandem skydive operation. The highest altitude available is 15,000 feet.
2    Taupo

Skydive Taupo is the best value tandem skydive in New Zealand. It is a bare bones skydive without all the bells and whistles or souvenirs, which is great if you just want the experience! You can see Mt. Ngauruhoe and the biggest lake in New Zealand.
3    Abel Tasman

Tandem skydiving above this beautiful national park with beaches, waters, and rainforests is an unforgettable experience! This is the only skydive experience that shows views of both New Zealand islands. Skydive Abel Tasman prices start at a decent $250.
Abel Tasman
4    Auckland

This is the highest tandem skydive in New Zealand! Jump from 16,500 feet, a height that allows you to see both coasts of the island at once. You can see the sprawling city of Auckland far beneath you as you fall. This incredibly high skydive with Skydive Auckland costs $425 and includes 75 awesomely terrifying seconds of free fall.
5    Wanaka

Want a killer view with a side of epic? SkyDive Wanaka can provide just this. Their tag line is “Strap Yourself to a Beautiful Stranger.” Jump from a plane while taking in the views of Lake Wanaka, Mt. Cook and Mt. Aspiring. This company offers a 15,000 foot fall for $439 and a 12,000 foot fall for $339.
6    Franz Josef
Sky Dive Franz is the only company that operates from Franz Josef Glacier. See the highest mountains in New Zealand, the ocean, glaciers, bodies of water, and rainforests. Sky Dive Franz only takes small groups, although it is a large company. You can choose between jumps of 19,000 feet, 16,000 feet, 13,000 feet over the Te Wahipounamu World Heritage Area.
Franz Josef
7    Wellington

0800 Skydive offers an amazing dive over picturesque Wellington. Here, you’ll get 35 seconds of heart-stopping freefall before the parachute opens. You can choose between jumps of 12,500 feet, 10,000 feet, or 8,000 feet, and prices range from $280 to $355. For an extra $135, you can also get a personalized DVD of your jump!
8    Bay of Islands

Skydiving this area is exactly what it sounds like—a jump over a bay full of beautiful islands! Can you imagine anything more incredible? Neither can we. You may not have time to visit all the islands, but you can certainly see them all when you skydive over this picturesque location. There is no other sky dive location in New Zealand like this, so if you’ve already seen the lakes and mountains, you definitely need to make this the next item on your skydive bucket list. Sky Dive Bay of Islands offers a few different packages, some of which include photos and video footage as well as a free t-shirt. The big fat platinum package for the 12,000 foot jump is $627, and you can get a 9,000 foot basic package for as low as $300.
Bay Of Islands
9    Fox Glacier

Skydive Fox Glacier can take you through one of the coolest tandem skydives you’ll find anywhere. Jump over New Zealand’s contrasting rainforests and glaciers to see the full range of this beautiful country’s natural world. This dive has been rated as one of the world’s most scenic skydives by the Travel Channel, and when you experience it, you’ll see why. Prices range from $249 for a 9,000 foot jump to $399 for a 16,500 foot jump.
Fox Glacier
10    Ashburton

Jump over Canterbury after taking off from the Ashburton airport with Skydiving Kiwis, and take a fall over the patchwork landscape of Canterbury. You will get to see the earth like you never have before! You’ll get great views of the lovely rivers, oceans, and mountains that make New Zealand so beautiful. If you want to take this jump, prices range from 13,000 feet for $360 to 6,000 feet for $235.
11    Glenrochy
Skydive Paradise takes you on a wild adventure over the beautiful landscape of Glenrochy, New Zealand! If you can focus on anything besides the rushing wind and pumping adrenaline, you’ll have a fantastic view of one of the world’s most beautiful locations as you fall. Rivers, lakes, mountains, green valleys, and more will rush up to meet you as you dive from thousands of feet up in the air. This skydive company is based in the location where Lord of the Rings was filmed. You’ll get to tell all your friends that you skydived above Middle Earth!
Tandem skydiving lets novices experience the thrill of jumping out of an airplane from 15,000 feet. Whether you become hooked and go on to get your sky diving certification or just check off another item on your bucket list, there is no more thrilling way to experience an aerial view of the gorgeous New Zealand scenery.

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