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Fun Road Trip Games for Kids

Summertime and road trips are practically synonymous since many people travel during the summer months. Driving is the most economical way to get there, especially when you’re traveling as a family. Unfortunately, that choice often leads to hours and hours of driving, which means restless and bored kids.

Here are 9 fun road trip games for kids (and adults) that will make the miles fly by:
1    License Plate Game

This is a wonderful game to play, because there are always cars on the road. Everyone can say when they spot a certain state and while someone can write them all down, there are also printables that people can find online with all the states listed. Parents may want to give older children a map, so that they can find the state and cross it off that way. This allows them to see how far the person traveled to where they are now.
License Plate Game
2    I Spy

The original I Spy game is when a person states that they spy something red or blue or green, etc., and then everyone needs to guess what it is. However, parents can get really creative with this game, by asking their kids to find something that is a certain color, shape, or size before they even spot it themselves. They can even tell children to look for certain animals, flowers, or cars.
I Spy
3    Twenty Questions

As long as the kids are going to be asking “Are we there yet” a million times, parents might as well get them asking other questions. During this game, a person will choose an item and then everyone can ask questions to see if they can figure out what the item is.
Questions - 20
4    Travel Bingo

This bingo game is a little different, because it has pictures instead of numbers. These bingo boards can be purchased at stores, but they can also be printed from the internet. As soon as someone sees an object that matches a picture, they can put an ‘x’ in the space, and once a person has bingo, they win. Of course, the parent can choose what bingo is, since it could be one row across, down, or diagonal, and even a full board.
Travel Bingo
5    Magnetic board games

Older kids will love playing checkers or other classic games while on the road, especially if they have never played those games before. Anything new and different will grab their attention and keep them intrigued for a very long time. The best part is that there are so many magnetic board games available now, so parents can pick out a few and hide a couple for the ride home.
Magnetic Board Games
6    Tic Tac Toe

Paper and pencils are all that is needed for this game and kids can spend hours trying to get three in a row.
Tic Tac Toe
7    Hangman

For those who never played Hangman before, think of Wheel of Fortune. This game can be played using paper and pencil or a dry erase board and markers. A person begins with thinking of a word or phrase and then placing lines for each letter of the words. They then draw a hangman scaffold where they will draw part of a stick figure for every letter that is not in the word or phrase. There are hangman templates on the internet for everyone to print out, in case someone is a little uncertain about the game and how it works.
8    The Singing Game

For this game, a person starts with a line of a song and the next person needs to continue by adding a line from another song onto the last word. For example, a line from song one would be “My heart belongs to you”, so the line from the next song would need to begin with “you”.
The Singing Game
9    The Name Game

A person states a famous person’s name for this game and then someone else needs to come up with another famous person’s name. The catch is that the second person’s first name must begin with the same letter as the first person’s last name. A perfect example would be Jennifer Garner followed by George Clooney. The next person would then need to choose a name that begins with a “c”.
The Name Game
Long road trips with kids can be challenging. Driving for hours with no distraction encourages refrains of “Are we there yet?” Beat boredom with these fun classic road trip games for kids to play in the car on your next family vacation. The trick is to supply the games slowly, with breaks for reading or sleeping in between. That will allow for something new and exciting for the kids to enjoy for the entire duration of the trip. Then you get to do it all over again on the drive home!


  1. Yassine
    September 16, 2017 - 2:01 pm

    I remember when i was kids, me and my brother, we used to get so bored, during the trip, and we used to always ask our parents “are we there yet”, ~we would talk, and many times we will argue and fight, those games could be a very good idea for a quite and a happy trip!

  2. Clarence Ellis
    September 18, 2017 - 9:09 am

    Hello, congratulations for this great article. After reading this article I really agree that having fun games for trip is a great idea. I and my friends usually just share stories and fun challenges we face in our lives on trips. Now, thanks to you, I have a new tool to keep the fun going.

  3. Nancy
    September 20, 2017 - 9:43 am

    Coming from of 3 and having to plan a 4th road trip with 3 children, I must say this is a really good list. However, it is far easier for me to just allow my kids to play games on their tablets than rely on this kind of stuff to keep them busy. One of my kids gets bored VERY easily and since he is only 4, he will have a fit and cry. Not fun driving with a screaming child who makes the other kids cry.


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