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11 Most Haunted Places in Australia

Australia has its fair share of strange and creepy places. Ghosts, spirits, and horrible apparitions roam damp halls and deep, dark woods. Enter into the shadowy world of the haunted realm—in Australia, it’s closer than you think! If you want to go on a haunted adventure in Australia, you won’t have to look far! From psych hospitals to old cemeteries, there are plenty of haunted places you can tour…or trespass into. Whichever floats your boat.
Here are eleven of the most haunted places in Australia:


1    Monte Cristo Homestead

This creepy old plantation in New South Wales looks innocent enough by daylight. However, the stories tell otherwise: a boy burned alive in the stable, a girl pushed down the stairs, the gardener shot by an obsessed murderer. Strange lights and a ghost are said to haunt the dim halls. If you’re brave enough to take the tour of the Monte Cristo Plantation, you’re likely to see fleeting shadows and feel cold spots.

Monte Cristo Homestead
2    Old Melbourne Gaol

Melbourne, Victoria is home to the scariest old jail in Australia. Over a hundred convicts were hung here, and visitors claim to fell and hear their spirits. Strange noises and voices cause hair-raising experiences for people who dare enter. Adding to the spookiness is the collection of death masks made of inmates executed at the prison, including the famous folk outlaw Ned Kelly.

Old Melbourne Gaol
3    Princess Theatre

The Princess Theatre in Melbourne, Victoria has perhaps one of the friendliest ghosts in Australia. During a production, an actor died of a heart attack. He reappeared on stage, taking his bow with the rest of the cast. He revisits the theater now and then. Seeing this ghost brings more bragging rights than fear, making it a fun part of theatre going in Melbourne.

Princess Theatre
4    Seppeltsfield Winery

This winery in Barossa Valley, South Australia is anything but a nice place to go for a wine tasting tour. The founder, Oscar Seppelt, went insane as he lived like a hermit with his wine cellar. Today, the lights refuse to work after dark, strange sounds come from locked rooms, and wet blood appears on the walls of the mausoleum on the date of the inhabitants’ deaths. Beyond creepy!

Seppeltsfield Winery
5    Beechworth Asylum

This frightening asylum in Bechworth, Victoria is one of the creepiest places you’ll find. As many as 9000 people died in this hospital during the 128 years it was open. Today, visitors claim that shadowy ghosts appear and children’s voices are heard in the hallways. The property is currently owned by La Trobe University and offers ghost tours. For brides with a macabre bent, the asylum’s original 1868 mortuary was converted to a chapel in the 1960’s and can now be booked as a wedding venue.

Beechworth Asylum
6    Aradale Mental Hospital

Ararat, Victoria is home to one of the deadliest psych hospitals around. Around 13,000 patients died in the psychiatric hospital over 130 years. In case you didn’t do the math, that’s 100 patients a year, or one death every three or four days. Controversial experiments were performed here, including inhumane “treatments” beyond rational imagination. You can go on a ghost-watching tour here to view voices, hear voices, and feel unexplained touches.

Aradale Mental Hospital
7    Redbank Range Tunnel

The entire town of Picton is thought to be haunted. There are many incredibly scary haunted places, but the most famous is the Redbank Range Tunnel, referred to as the Mushroom Tunnel by locals. Many people have been killed or taken their own lives in the Redback Range Tunnel. The most famous victim is Emily Bollard who, walking the rails as a shortcut to the other side, was hit mid-tunnel by a train and carried all the way into Picton the train’s cowcatcher. The spirits of the departed still haunt the tunnel, making it a frightening place to cross after dark.

Redbank Range Tunnel
8    Goulburn Kenmore Hospital

Filled with mysterious deaths, malpractice, and horrid experiments, just the building of Goulburn Kenmore Hospital is creepy. But then there’s the ghosts. According to rumors, a man hung himself in a window a hundred years ago. Many years later, over 20 patients died from the flu. But this wasn’t the worst of it. A mad gunman, a throat slit with broken glass, and more creepy deaths have left dozens of hauntings throughout the hospital.

Goulburn Kenmore Hospital
9    Rottnest Island

The two most famous ghosts of Rottnest Island are accompanied by a host of others. If you’d like to meet a ghost here, you’re most likely to run into Ethyl, or a pregnant suicide victim. If you’re really brave, you can camp overnight here. This is actually a popular holiday spot, so you can visit this place in the daytime without the hauntings, too. Or go for a weekend and get the best of both worlds.

Rottnest Island
10    Dutton Park Cemetery

This old cemetery in Brisbane contains both the graves of paupers and of nobility. In daytime, it seems no creepier than any other graveyard. At night, however, things seem to change with the setting of the sun. The ghosts of criminals haunt this creepy cemetery. One was a child killer, and another was the last Australian bushranger.

Dutton Park Cemetery

11    Old Dubbo Goal

This eerie old jail is pretty commercialized and extremely theatrical, but that doesn’t make it any less haunted. You can take a tour to see the old building and some creepy actors before dark, or you can take a late-night tour and attempt to communicate with the alleged spirits for yourself.

Old Dubbo Goal’s


You don’t have to wait for Halloween to get your spook on. Australia is home to some of the spookiest, scariest places you’ll find. From haunted lunatic asylums to historic prisons to entire towns, these are some of Australia’s most haunted places.

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