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10 Sexiest Cities in the World

Some travel destinations are just plain sexier than others. Whether it’s because of the beautiful people who live and visit there, the decadent lifestyle, or the vibe of the place, these cities are the sexiest on the planet. They’re the perfect destinations for couples to rekindle romance or for singles to find some wild fun. Visit these sexiest cities to create sizzling vacation memories.


10    Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw represents a crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe and seems to have attracted the most attractive people from both. It is also a destination for sex tourists, with legal prostitution and plenty of gentleman’s clubs and high end burlesque. Be careful when visiting, though, as the beautiful women who approach you may end up costing you a ton of money, whether for a “bar tab” or more exotic favors.
Warsaw, Poland
9    Sao Paulo, Brazil

This city outperforms even Rio de Janeiro for beautiful people and party spots to meet them. From small pubs to giant mega clubs to live music clubs featuring everything from samba music to Brazilian pop, the abundant crowds of sexy dancers are out and about 24 hours a day. The women are particularly, and outrageously, sexy. Find out why plastic surgeons around the world offer what they call a Brazilian butt lift. You’ll be glad you did.
Sao Paulo, Brazil
8    San Francisco

Progressive San Francisco makes the sexiest city list due to its attractive culturally diverse population and its sex-positive nature. All sexual orientations and genders will find a welcoming atmosphere and plenty of opportunity to meet gorgeous people. Nudity is commonplace, from nude beaches to the World Naked Bike Ride. Public nudity was unrestricted until 2012 when an ordinance was passed to limit nudity to permitted parades and events, but it’s still pretty common.
San Fransisco
7    Caracas, Venezuela

Venezuela is the birthplace of at least six Miss Universe winners and the rest of the population is crazy sexy, too. The weather in this South American city (averaging 75 degrees year round) just adds to the sunkissed beauty of the place. Venezuela’s capital city boasts myriad clubs to meet your Latin soul mate.
Caracas, Venezuela
6    Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dancing and drinking automatically up the sexiness quotient, and Buenos Aires is the place to enjoy both all day and all night. Creators of the tango, the sensual dance once banned as being too provocative, Argentinians have the moves that will make you hot and bothered. Visit the Palermo district where the music and parties never stop.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
5    Paris, France

Paris has a reputation as perhaps the most romantic destination for lovers, but it also has a raunchier side. Want to look but not touch? Visit the Musée de l’Érotisme for a lesson in erotic art and artifacts from around the world. Cabarets featuring risque shows and all manner of adult entertainment spots will satisfy your craving for something that feels a little illicit. Want to go for something even more wild? Try one of Paris’ over 400 swingers sex clubs.
Paris, France
4    New York City

With over 8 million people, the Big Apple has someone for everyone. This center of diversity is overflowing with sexy people looking for a good time. Nightclubs and bars abound and the city never sleeps. No matter your orientation, preferences, or “interests” you’ll find plenty of like-minded, attractive new friends.
New York City
3    Miami, Florida

Hot and steamy describes both the city and its people. Teeny bathing suits are almost a uniform, even when walking down the street. An underlying Latin beat is the soundtrack to this wonderland of sun, sand, rum, and lust. South Beach is the epicenter of Miami’s stylish sexiness, attracting a mesmerizing mix of celebrities, European tourists, college kids, and gorgeous locals, all looking for a good time.
Miami, Florida
2    Seoul, South Korea

Korea may not come immediately to mind when you think of the world’s sexiest city, but Seoul is a booming metropolis full of some of the most beautiful Asian women in the world. A leader in the fashion and music worlds, Seoul offers nightlife ranging from Western style pubs to thoroughly Korean clubs. Itaewon district is the most foreigner friendly, Hongdae is a sprawling college age quarter, Gangnam Station is a little classier and has fewer international visitors, while Apgujeong is a pricey mega club area. Looking for a more private venue? Try the ubiquitous “love motels” for a secret rendezvous.
Seoul, Korea
1    Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is a hotspot for everyone from Hollywood insiders to tech geniuses from giants like Google and Microsoft. Located on the gorgeous Mediterranean coast, Tel Aviv is an international crossroads for the young, successful, and beautiful. The population is mostly single, the vibe creative and edgy, and the energy unparalleled. Beautiful beaches, sizzling nightlife, and stunning women like Bar Rafaeli and Natalie Portman give this Israeli city claim to sexiest city.
Tel Aviv, Israel


Turn up the heat on your next vacation when you go where the beautiful people mingle. Whether you’re traveling as a couple or celebrating your freedom, a little spice is called for and you’ll find it in these sexiest cities in the world.



  1. Sydney
    January 7, 2017 - 10:10 pm

    I can agree with this list of sexiest cities. I’ve been to a few and yes the people are beautiful. The cultures are different too. I like cities that encourage self-expression. And it’s a plus that these sexy cities have decent weather. The other cities i haven’t travelled to will be visited ASAP!

  2. Britanica
    January 7, 2017 - 10:11 pm

    The one place that stuck out to me on this list was San Francisco. I am not saying there aren’t attractive people living there but I have seen a few nude beaches and trust me, I will not be going back! LOL I think that people tend to focus on beautify as a fitness level. Or even sexy. I agree completely with the rest of these places though. I have either been to them or seen enough pictures.

  3. Rachael Mills
    January 8, 2017 - 1:42 am

    I guess your list is not in any particular order. Sao Paulo Brazil is a place I have heard a lot about and would love to visit though I would have gone to Brazil during the last football world cup but something turned up unfortunately and I couldn’t go. I will love to visit there someday and figure out first-hand the reason behind plastic surgeons offering service they tag Brazillian butt lift.

  4. Hannah
    January 8, 2017 - 6:40 am

    This was a fascinating list to read because some of the cities I wasn’t even remotely surprised to find on it but others I was. While I wasn’t surprised to find Sao Paolo or Buenos Aires, I wasn’t expecting Seoul or Tel Aviv. This is a great list and very unique. Now that you mention it I can totally see why they’re on there!

  5. Chris
    January 9, 2017 - 2:38 pm

    I just knew Warsaw will be on the list haha! I’ve lived there for little over two years and I was amazed how beautiful/sexy those women were. And yes, sex tourism is a big thing there but after a while you get used to their approach towards prostitution.

  6. Eleanor
    January 10, 2017 - 7:49 am

    Some of these choices took me by surprise, especially Tel Aviv and Seoul. You could also add Rome and Kiev; the first one is more about understated beauty while the last one is more in your face.

  7. Tyrone
    January 10, 2017 - 10:31 am

    Reading the list of sexiest countries, I am very happy that South Koreans are also included. The definition of beauty and sexy changes every time, I like Koreans because they don’t need to be naked or show some skin to be called sexy and pretty. They are conventionally beautiful!

  8. Kyrie P.
    January 10, 2017 - 10:34 am

    Romance in Paris has different levels too. lol I knew it as the city of love, but I never thought that love can get wilder there too. I must go there and try to go to the cabarets, it must be really exciting.


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