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How Does Uber Work?

The gig market is booming, and everyday people are taking advantage of buying and selling through freelancing. It’s a great opportunity for some people to make money and others to save money, especially when it comes to traditionally corporate-based businesses like shuttle service. Uber is taking the world by storm, but there are many who are skeptical of the service.


Why is Uber a good idea, and how does it work?

How does it work?

Uber employs regular Joes who want to pick up extra cash without committing to the rigors of a nine-to-five. Many Uber drivers work full time, and others work it as a side job along with their regular job. Uber runs on an app, which you can download on your smart phone. When you need a ride, all you have to do is request the ride and a driver will be notified that a customer is waiting. The driver will use his or her own car to drive to you and will take you where you need to go. The app calculates the cost of the ride and charges you either by credit card, or, in some places, cash.

How Uber Works


Is it safe?

Depending on how you look at it, Uber can be one of your safest options. One benefit to Uber is that you don’t have to stand outside and flag down a taxi. You request your ride, and stay inside your secure home or workplace until the driver arrives. You’ll know when your driver pulls up, and you can go straight from the door to the car. You’ll then be dropped off right at your destination, unlike a bus, which requires you to walk from your bus stop.

Waiting For Uber

Uber drivers have to undergo background checks, just like any other driver for a service. While there have been unsavory incidents in the news regarding Uber drivers (as well as Uber passengers), the system has proved to be safe overall. Passengers provide ratings immediately after their ride, so issues are addressed quickly. Recent improvements include allowing the passenger to contact Uber immediately, during the ride, if there is a problem with their driver. The record of Uber has been good and most riders offer positive feedback. As with any driving service, you need to be smart and refuse to put yourself in a bad situation.

Background Check


What are the benefits?

There are plenty of benefits to Uber! First of all, it is safer than a bus system. It’s also cheaper than many other options. Renting a car to get around a city while traveling can cost a lot, and it can also be difficult to find a good place to park. Also, there are some places that don’t even have a good taxi or bus system. Plus, you can know that the money you spend stays in the community you’re in. It goes to pay everyday people, not line the pockets of corporations.

Save Time And Money

You’ll also have the chance to meet people in the area. If you’re in your hometown, you’ll get to make connections and engage more with your community. If you’re traveling, you’ll get to drive with a local and maybe get an unofficial tour of the places you’re going. If you’re friendly and make conversation, you might get some great information on places to go, tourist traps to avoid, and good food in the area.



Services like Uber seem like ultra-modern advances, especially since they utilize so much technology and instantaneous contact. In reality, though, they are a positive throwback to a way of life that has been around for millennia. Rather than engaging with mass market strategies, you’re back to the old way of things: personal interactions, local connections, and people working for a living by their own hands. Maybe this human connection, even more than the convenience, is what makes Uber so attractive to the thousands of people who use it.


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  1. Mark
    January 6, 2017 - 11:15 am

    Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as an incident-free job! How many cases of taxi kidnapping/murders happen every year, recorded or not? That doesn’t mean you won’t hail a taxi next time your car is in service or when you’re on the run, am I right? I’m more than happy to use Uber whenever I need a lift and I’ve never had any issues whatsoever, in fact, the drivers were more civilized than your usual taxi Joes.


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