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Best Super Bowl Parties in America

For America, the Super Bowl is an event almost as big as Christmas! All across the nation, football fans gather with guacamole, bottles of beer, and, of course, a bag of Doritos to watch the big game. Not all Super Bowl parties are created equal, however. If you want to go to a really sweet Super Bowl party this year, plan on attending one of these.

The Bomb Factory: Houston, Texas

The home of the 2017 Super Bowl is also home of the Bomb Factory, where one of the biggest parties of the year is scheduled to be held. The best part of the party is that it’s free to get in. Yup, you just have to pay for food and drinks. Wiles BBQ is catering the party, so partiers will get a taste of authentic, delicious Texas barbeque. The game will be shown on a 30-foot, high-definition TV, and the venue will offer prizes after every quarter of the game. Donovan Lewis—the radio personality—is hosting the event, so you know it will be great! The Bomb Factory is huge, fancy, and well-equipped so hold a whole lot of people for this incredible event. If you can’t make it to the game itself, this is definitely your next-best option.

The Bomb Factory: Houston, Texas


Big Game 51 Party at McFadden’s: Las Vegas, Nevada

Are you traveling to Las Vegas for the big game? The clubs, the gambling, the sunshine—Las Vegas has it all. Including the perfect Super Bowl Party venues! One of the biggest is happening at McFadden’s Las Vegas. Tickets cost $75, and it includes all the liquor you need to enjoy the game. There will also be a complimentary buffet at half time! Come by yourself or with a large party—there is plenty of room for everyone! Be sure to book before February 4, when ticket prices rise to $150.

Big Game 51 Party At McFadden's: Las Vegas, Nevada


Super Bowl Party at McGee’s: Chicago Illinois

Bar1 Events is putting on an awesome Super Bowl watch party in Chicago, Illinois. The $30 tickets to McGee’s Tavern and Grill include mixed drinks and beers, as well as a buffet filled with pizza and wings. And it is Chicago pizza and wings, which means it’s going to be fantastic. Hopefully the game will be as good as the food.

Mcgees Chicago Illinois

Super Bowl Bay Cruise Party: New York City, New York

Party all day and party all night on this two-night cruise in the bay! You’ve never experienced the Super Bowl like this. There are two floors on this party boat, so you’ll get to wander around and get the best view of the city from the water. To get on the boat, grab your favorite plus-one and pay $100 for the two of you. You’ll get to enjoy pre-game partying, post-game partying, and after-game partying, complete with a popular local DJ, until you don’t want to party any more. Talk about an amazing weekend!

Super Bowl Bay Cruise Party: New York City, New York


Afro-Caribbean Super Bowl: Houston, Texas

Head to Midtown Houston for this marvelous clash of cultures! The best of American culture meets the best of Afro-Caribbean culture. Enjoy soca, hip hop, and Afrobeats as you dance the night away—between downs, of course. Tickets are just $50 in advance and $60 at the door, so make plans to attend this fun cultural event, no matter who you are or where you’re from.

Afro Caribbean Super Bowl: Houston, Texas


Super Bowl Cruise Miami 2017, Miami, Florida

This two-night Caribbean cruise starts at $375. You’ll find that it’s more than worth it, especially considering the free cocktail party you’ll get to enjoy. The cruise goes from Florida to Nassau, Bahamas. Everyone on board will be just like you—all huge football fans—so you’ll have plenty of new friends to make during your time on board! Everything is all-inclusive for three days, including meals, a 24-hour pizza bar, and a gym so you can burn the pizza calories off. Enjoy shows, dancing, and, of course, Super Bowl LI playing on the big screens.

Super Bowl Party At McGee’s: Chicago Illinois


  1. Robert
    January 6, 2017 - 10:42 am

    Cruises and Super Bowl, that’s one combo I’ve never thought of before! We usually host Super Bowl parties but I’m planning on skipping the next two or three years since it’s a ton of work and we’re left with a cleaning up to do.

  2. Christine
    January 8, 2017 - 5:02 pm

    Watching the Super Bowl at The Bomb Factory should lead to either future friendships or weird moments with strangers, that’s one crowded venue haha!


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