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The Best Glamping Destinations and Resorts

Glamping, or “Glamor camping,” has become very popular among those who like camping, just not the “roughing it” part. Over the last decade, glamping destinations have sprung up all over the world, just waiting for you to enjoy! Take a look at these awesome glamor camping spots around the globe.


Terra Velo Tours, Utah

Terra Velo Tours in Utah offers all sorts of fun under the Southwestern sun, but none of the hard work of the cowboy camping life. You can enjoy hot air balloon rides, cycling, and sunrise yoga against the beautiful landscape of Utah. When you go back to your glamping site, you’ll be greeted by memory foam beds, luxury bathrooms, Bigelow toiletries, and turkish towels. Terra Velo Tours offers similar glamping locations in Colorado and California. If you decide to visit their California site, you can also try your hand at surfing!
Terravelo Tours, Utah
Austin Adventures Cusco

If you’ve always wanted to visit Machu Pichu, this is the way to do it in style. For $600 night, you get everything you need to hike the Incan trail, like entrance fees, access, and a place to stay at night. And what a place it is! Your glamping site includes not only all the best amenities, but also a personal chef.

The Austin Adventures Cusco glamping site is only open April to December, so plan accordingly.
Austin Adventures Cusco
The Resort at Pawzs Up, Montana

This monstrous cattle ranch is your dream vacation destination. You will get to stay in a luxurious bedroom by night, while enjoying the great outdoors by day. The ranch offers horse rides along beautiful paths, and you can take as many rides as you like during your stay. You can also explore the woods on foot, go fishing, or take part in any of the other camp activities. There are several glamping sites to choose from: Cliffside Camp, Creekside Camp, River Camp, and others.
The Resort At Paws Up, Montana
Greystroke Mahale, Tanzania

The original glamping country, Tanzania is arguably still the best place in the world to take a glamping trip. Stay at the edge of Lake Tanganyika, the second-deepest lake in the world and the most beautiful lake in Tanzania. This glamping site is nestled between the lake and the Mahale Mountains, so you’ll have natural beauty on all sides. During your stay, you can have lala salama (sweet dreams) in huts or cottages. When the African sun rises over the Great Rift Valley, adventure on a guided tour or by yourself through the freshwater beaches, forest, or jungle. Even better, take a safari and catch glimpses of Africa’s stunning and exotic wildlife.
Greystoke Mahale, Tanzania
Giltraps Townhouse and Glamping, Ireland

This is a great glamping site for the whole family! You and your kids will love the dozens of activities offered by Giltraps Townhouse and Glamping. You’ll get to experience the best of Ireland’s countryside as you try everything from canoeing to golf, and archery to zip lining. When you’re done playing on land or lake, enjoy a hearty Irish meal and head back to your comfortable accommodations. You can choose to stay in a villa, a classic log cabin, or even a Mongolian yurt. It doesn’t get more European than that.
Giltraps Townhouse And Glamping, Ireland
Epic Private Journeys, Queensland, Australia

You won’t be able to decide what the best part of this place is: the epic excursions, the views, the sleeping quarters, or the food. Let’s certainly not forget to mention the food! Here, the dining experience is as epic as the views. Epic Private Journeys’ onsite chef goes to great lengths to prepare culinary delights. Speaking of great lengths, the glamping sites are so far away from civilization that you’ll wonder if you’re still in Australia! The stunning landscape– interesting rock formations, sheer cliffs, sweeping grasslands– will make you feel like you’re in a whole new world. While you’re there, you can take a tour, visit the beach, go on safari, or relax on a boat.
Epic Private Journeys, Queensland, Australia
The Spa Retreat Boutique Hotel, Jamaica

Here you stay by the shore of the Caribbean sea in one of 18 cottages by the beach. Enjoy wandering through the glamping site’s tropical gardens, going to the beach, and getting a rejuvenating massage. If you can tear yourself away from the beautiful site, you can go hiking, do yoga, or learn to surf. You also get complementary cell phone minutes– a nice perk, especially since you’ll already be paying $515 per night.
The Spa Retreat Boutique Hotel, Jamaica


These fabulous glamping destinations let you commune with nature while still squeezing in some pampering and relaxation. From family vacations to romantic getaways, you’ll find the perfect match. See how comfortable and easy camping can be – you’ll become confirmed glampers when you do!


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