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Are You Brave Enough to Travel Alone?

Is that “Travel Dreams” Pinterest board filling up with pins? Has your passport remained untouched this year? Well, it is time to do something about it. Start making plans to embark on a solo trip. Stop being afraid and overcome your fear of travelling solo because there is no time like the present. Start with a positive attitude and prepare to take off because there are places all around the world where your safety is assured. Here is a list of the top ten safe destinations for solo travelers to book in the world, based on the World Justice Report.


1    Iceland

Iceland is known as the Land of Ice and Fire, with hot springs dotting its icy landscape to create a natural spa paradise. The Icelandic scenery provided the perfect location for filming many scenes for the Game of Thrones and is guaranteed to take your breath away. The capital city of Reykjavik is your gateway to Iceland and is the center of art and culture. Explore each corner of the city and don’t forget to check out the capital’s nightlife and music scene.
Iceland - 1 - Are You Brave Enough to Travel Alone?
2    Scandinavia

Norway, Sweden and Denmark are three countries known for their scenery so don’t forget to bring your camera and plenty of film. Consistently ranked among the most progressive countries, Denmark and Norway are also both on the list of the happiest places in the world. They offer quality hospitality and you can find a “Scandi” home decor that is authentic.
Scandinavia - 2
3    New Zealand

The natural scenery of this country truly deserves the description of “awe-inspiring.” Although, it is small in geographic size, this country boasts a variety of destinations sure to please everyone. From the modernity of its largest city, Auckland, to the majesty Mt. Victoria in Wellington, to the traditions of the native Maori culture, solo travelers will discover the magic of New Zealand.
New zealand - 3
4    Thailand

Explore this country’s fantastic culture, visit ancient palaces and temples, walk on the white sand beaches, and enjoy the tasty food. Most especially, revel in the friendliness of the locals. It is an amazing location for both luxury travelers and travelers on a budget, since it is filled with affordable five-star resorts.
Thailand - 4
5    Canada

It is a shame that this lovely country is usually overlooked by most people. This country has so much to offer: you can ski, take in myriad cultural events, or enjoy some of the best coffee and food ever tasted. Toronto is an international city, with top notch theater, arts, professional sports, and fine dining. Vancouver is becoming a foodie mecca as well as outdoors-lover’s paradise. The western provinces provide a Western frontier vibe while Quebec and you will make you feel like you are in France.
Canada - 5
6    Ireland

This country is magical; it is a favorite destination for those who love art, music, history, the outdoors, or just a fine brew. Dublin is its most popular city, as well as the capital. Follow in the steps of Oscar Wilde and James Joyce, tour the Guinness brewery, view the world famous Book of Kells, or hang out with the locals in a centuries old pub. Be sure to explore outside of the city, too, where you will find castles, ancient abbeys, waterfalls, haunting beaches, and, of course, the lush countryside that gives Ireland its nickname, the “Emerald Isle.”
Ireland - 6
7    Costa Rica

The country’s plethora of yoga retreats, jungle adventures, ocean views, serene beaches, and outdoor scapes are sure to enrich your soul and give you a tan. Day trips from the capital of San Jose include hot springs, active volcano viewing, whitewater rafting, and more. The west coast is a surfer’s and fisherman’s paradise. The east coast is more laid back, with calmer ocean waters and a relaxing Caribbean feel. While petty theft is widespread, violent crime is very rare. So if you are searching to connect with your zen, this is the place to be. They also have the best coffee in the world.
Costa rica - 7
8    Slovenia

If you’re looking to get away from the crowds, think Central Europe. It is a sure bet for safety. Slovenia is a hidden jewel of Europe, located between Austria, Croatia, Italy, and Hungary. Since few people know about this beautiful destination, the prices are extremely affordable compared to other countries. You can enjoy the culture and view fantastic architecture without the crushing crowds and cost of other European destinations.
Slovenia - 8
9    Singapore

Singapore has a lovely transport system that links different areas of the country, so no need for expensive cabs. This country is popular for its glitz and glamour, so, if you lover of the sparkling life, head over there for a first class experience. Singapore, although a bustling, multicultural city and a global financial center, has one of the world’s lowest crime rates. They also are committed to preservation of their environment and historical sites.
Singapore - 9 - Are You Brave Enough to Travel Alone?
10    Japan

This country has been ranked consistently as one of the safest places in the world. Both the countryside and the cities are beautiful and their citizens are friendly, polite, and willing to help visitors with directions and recommendations. Lodging options are built with single travelers in mind, so be ready for something small. Don’t let the language barrier deter you; many Japanese speak English and they are helpful even when they don’t.Japan - 0 - Are You Brave Enough to Travel Alone?For women traveling alone, there are many female-only options in transportation and accommodations. Because of the high level of courtesy expected in the culture, women feel comfortable walking and traveling alone, so you won’t stand out.
Don’t put off traveling until you can have a companion. There are many great destinations for those who want to travel on their own. While some locales may not be suitable for solo travelers due to crime rates or cultural differences, a little planning can make for a memorable, stress-free trip.

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