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The Best Vacation Hot Spots for Serious Treasure Hunters

It is quite a difficult task to plan and organize a unique travel experience. However, America is booming with the business for the unique travellers. There are gem hunters present all over the world, wandering to different weird locations in search of precious stones. All they require is a genuine opportunity and some basic amenities in order to meet the treasure hunting possibilities.

There is no doubt that such trips can be scary and dangerous at some points. There are still so many legendary treasure hunting locations present on the world map. There is a possibility that you get your hands on the deserted covered goods in the following hot spot locations:


1    Kanab – Utah

Locals believe the Aztecs dug a lake that covers a hidden cave to hide their gold. The legend says Montezuma’s treasure is stashed under Three Lakes pond in Kanab. The myth about the fortune is connected with a lot of misfortune as well. For instance, disease, vanishings, phantoms, bad luck, and even death have been reported as befalling those hunting this fortune. Many people of the state have spent years searching for the mysterious reserve, which is said to be worth around 3 billion dollars or more.


2    Superstition Mountains – Arizona

The Lost Dutchman’s Mine is the most famous lost mine in the US. Rumored to be located in the Superstition Mountains, many of the people searching for the lost treasure managed to find pieces of information linked to the fortune but not the mine itself. The Peralta Stones reputedly provide clues to the location of the mine, although some believe they are a hoax. There are still countless pieces of information present on the mountain, which can be tracked down by a potential treasure hunter.


3    Diminish Island – British Virgin Islands

The privateers from all over the globe stole their fortunes and left a lot of it behind when they could not carry it all along. A current fortune seeker might discover the remaining fortune in the Caribbean. This island is located in the heart of the area rumored to have been frequented by Blackbeard and is rumored to still be home to buried treasure.


4    Santa Fe – Mexico

The Rocky Mountain in the north of Santa Fe is more than 5000 feet above sea level and is famous among adventure seekers. According to a myth, it is said that there is a bronze chest hidden there full of gold nuggets, rare coins, gemstones, and jewelry, which is worth 1 to 3 million dollars. All you have to do is follow the hidden clues and solve the mystery.


5    Oak Island – Nova Scotia

Located on the Eastern edge of Canada, Oak Island is a prime site for adventures and treasure hunters. According to legend, the island is the resting place of everything from ancient religious items to all sorts of pirate loot, as well as Aztec gold. The famous ‘money pit’ is the ultimate site of buried pirate booty. However, there is a curse connected with the fortune found in this location, as many men have died in search of the island’s hidden treasures.

There are still many people out there who believe in the hidden pirate treasure. It may be possible to locate it with a little study, an adventurous spirit, and a lot of luck.

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