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The Dangers of Sunburn Art

Dangers of Sunburn Art

Internet trends are constantly changing. With each new day, you see a new trend hitting the social media. Recently, the thing which has taken the internet by a storm is sunburn art. Either it is Instagram, twitter, or your Snapchat, you will see people getting sunburn art and posting their pictures and videos.

Sunburn art helps you form different shapes on your body, with the help of the sun, just like a tattoo. All you need to do is apply sunscreen on some parts of your body. The area without sunblock will get a tan, which will be visibly distinct from the rest. You can use stencils to give it specific shapes.
Sunburn art, though looks very cool, it very hurting in the first place. Secondly, it is extremely dangerous for your health. It damages your skin cells which ultimately leads to skin cancer.
Here, we have discussed some of the dangers associated with sunburn art:


Causes Pain
The most basic danger associated with sunburn art is the pain which it accompanies. Intense UV rays, from the sun, damage your skin which produces burning effects on specific areas. This burning effect results in a lot of pain.

Skin Damage
Apart from pain, it causes damage to your skin. You lose the natural color of your skin developing patches of different colors which not only looks bad but can lead to many other skin complications.

Skin Aging
Sunburn escalates skin aging process. Your skin loses optimum levels of moisture which results in wrinkles.

Skin Cancer
In the worst scenarios, prolonged and repetitive sunburns can cause skin cancer. Melanoma, a rare form of skin cancer, is caused as a result of sunburn art. It results in the development of moles on your skin, either black or brown in color. It is one of the most dangerous types of skin cancer as it can causes death.

What should be done?
A rational approach demands you to avoid getting sunburn art. It is very dangerous for your health. Whenever you go out in the sun, wear full clothes and wear a cap or a hat to cover your head. Wear quality sunglasses to stop dangerous UV rays. Moreover, apply sunscreens on your body to block the dangerous effects of the sun.
With summers running, many of you will be making way to a beach to sun some sun. Exercise full precautions while on the beach. Apply sunblock to your body and don’t stay out in the sun for long.
However, if you get sunburnt, then these are the things which you need to do immediately:
• Cool your Skin: Cool your skin using ice or cold water. This will exponentially reduce the immediate burning effect.
• Moisturize: Moisturize your body using mineral oil or other soothers.
• Replenish your body: Drink a lot of liquids to maintain optimum levels of fluid in your body.
• See a doctor: Consult a doctor as early as possible.
Even if you have got a sunburn art on purpose, you should see a doctor to ensure you don’t develop damaging health conditions.
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