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Best Restaurants in Amsterdam

Dining in Amsterdam is as good as it gets and the varieties are endless. No passionate eater has ever been disappointed by the selection or quality of options in Amsterdam and here you have a guide. Use our past experiences and knowledge to go forth and nosh on the best eats Amsterdam has to offer.


1    Winkel 43

Best apple pie in the world. You can taste the fresh apples in each bite. They must go through at least 100 cakes in a day. I’ve honestly never been one for apple pie, especially the traditional American way of doing it. But one glance at the photos of the apple pie served here and we just had to. In fact we had to twice on our short excursion here! It has really good flavor and is well balanced without being too sweet. Service is usually fast and the outside patio is great on a sunny day.
Winkel 43 - 1 - Best Restaurants in Amsterdam

2    The Pancake Bakery

This is among the best things I’ve ever eaten. The Dutch pancake is like a cross between a regular pancake and a crepe. hey have savory & sweet. My partner & I split the Nutella Pancake, and it was delicious. Yes, it’s touristy. But sometimes touristy is just fine, when the food is amazing and the experience is authentic. The pancakes were so light, and they were huge! I loved the canal house vibe.
The pancake bakery - 2

3    Kantjil & de Tijger

I had never before experienced Indonesian food, and Kantjil was a great introduction. Fun, interesting food – good value for the price. This is one of the nicest restaurants I’ve been to in Amsterdam. I had the Nasi Goreng Kantjil, it was delicious and filling. And the customer service was exceptional. Very good along with the food. Amazing food and the home made ice tea! Couldn’t ask for anything more!
Kantjil de tijger - 3

4    Bakers & Roasters

Great menu, great food, great service. Restaurant opened by two guys one from New Zealand and the other Brazil you can see the influence in the menu. This is one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in a long time. So save some appetite in the morning and head to Bakers & Roasters to be mind blown. This is generally a very subjective point and also a matter of luck, but I think you will most likely find friendly staff here. 10/10 would recommend
Bakers roasters - 4

5    Café De Klos

De Klos looks like any brown bar in Amsterdam – but as well as serving drinks they also crank out huge chunks of superbly grilled meat. Wouldn’t have known it by looking at it from the street but it is WELL worth it.The ribs and lamb shoulder are excellent. This Gastro pub is great. Amazing ribs, melt in your mouth! Don’t bother with the snooker ribs, regular all the way! Good food and a good ambience.
Cafe de klos - 5

6    Pancakes Amsterdam

Best crepe I’ve ever had! This place is very good and good pricing. The staff is nice. I had the Dutch pancake with bananas. You don’t need any syrup with it, tasty on it own. Long wait, which is understandable since it was such a small place, but the wait is worth it. Huge line to get in but moved fairly quickly and was worth the wait. A great spot for breakfast or lunch and fair prices. Definitely recommend to visit once in Amsterdam!
Pancakes amsterdam - 6

7    De Foodhallen

This is such a cool spot for people who want to try all kinds of food and drinks. They have tons of different food stalls, a beer bar, a gin bar, and some ice cream/fro yo places too. Everything was delicious! Got a lamb hot dog, bitterballen and big gin and tonics. Such a fun experience! Be prepared to overeat though because there are just way too many options. Great alone or in a group.
De foodhallen - 7

8    Omelegg

Loved the delicious food and the great service! When u land early morning in Amsterdam and hunger is all your mind, then Omelegg is your place and The Breakfast – Your best friend. Perfect gem in a beautiful city. Great decor with outside seating. I totally love this place. When you get there, don’t get discourage by the line waiting outside. You will get a table real quick. It’s worth the wait 🙂
Omelegg - 8

9. Moeders

Ordered the hotchpotch and was not disappointed. Was trying to find authentic Dutch food for our last night in Amsterdam. We went to this establishment and was very pleased with the service and the food. All of these were amazing… But I would recommend the sauerkraut instead of the spinach in the hotchpotch dish. Literally mind blown by the kind service and wonderful meal. Would come here everyday if I could. Great atmosphere! The food is super authentic. As a tip, make sure you make a reservation because the place is packed for dinner!
Moeders - 9 - Best Restaurants in Amsterdam10    La Perla

Wonderful food, friendly staff, and great local beers. Amazing pizza. Some of the best I’ve ever had. Perfect tomato sauce and delicious mozzarella. Would come back to Amsterdam just for this pizza. A rare thing to find anywhere. Go here and order food. You will be happy. La Perla is highly recommended to get your pizza fix while in Amsterdam! The area is obviously a favorite with locals and the restaurant was full early. This place is worth the wait!!!!!>
La perla - 0 - Best Restaurants in Amsterdam
When it comes to reviewing and recommending restaurants in Amsterdam, we believe that what is on the plate is by far the most important factor. That’s why this list is diversified to give everyone options on the best places in Amsterdam.

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