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10 Indian States That Foreign Tourists Cannot Get Enough Of

India has a lot to offer the world; an economy that is continually becoming expansive, a large workforce and many other booming characteristics. However, when it comes to tourism, it is still in the explorative stage. Tourism in India is in its initial phase but is steadily growing. Year by year, there are more foreign tourists entering into the country. The following states are the most visited states in India visited by foreign tourists.


Tamil Nadu

For three years now, this state has been topping the list on the data released by Ministry of Tourism on foreign tourists’ arrivals. Coincidentally, this state also received the highest number of domestic tourists in the same year. It is no wonder as Tamil Nadu is home to many Indian tourist attractions which include the NIlgiri Mountain Railway, Monuments of Mahabalipuram and Chola Temples. Tamil Nadu is the state contains a lot of spiritual places that make it a favorite place for many foreign tourists in India.



This is India’s capital base and it is the state that welcomes the second highest number of foreign tourists. The state also inhabits the tourism capital of India; Aurangabad. Tourist sites in Maharashtra include; Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Khandala. Over 20% of foreign tourists that arrived in India in 2015 were in this state.


Uttar Pradesh

This state has the largest number of inhabitants in India but it is popular for much more than that. It happens to be home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World; the Taj Mahal. It is therefore the fourth most visited state in India and a large attraction to foreign tourist. Needless to say, your trip to India is not yet complete till you have stood in awe of the timeless monument used to celebrate love and devotion.



Being the national capital of a state is an attraction of its own, but in addition to this is the historical quality of the state. Thus, it enjoys its own flow of foreign tourists.

West Bengal

This state holds a strong tourist appeal because of its roots to British India. It is the fifth state that has the highest number of foreign tourists.



This state houses the grandeur of royalty. Its desert terrain, cool lakes and natural scenery give it a romantic and charming allure.



This state has a lot going for it. It is a coastal region and is home to a considerable number of English speaking Indians. As such, it makes it to the top ten list as number seven



Bihar is one of the most historic states in India. It has a serious appeal to foreign tourists who wish to connect with the deep rooted Indian culture



The tourism attractions of Karnataka include Ravana Phadi, Hampi, Gol Gumbaz. Karnataka is a historic state with lots of beautiful places that serve as an attraction to foreign tourists.



This state offers seaside attraction to foreign tourists and has improved in foreign tourism appeal as it didn’t make it to the list last year.

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