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Travelling to Europe – 10 Tips for a Terrific Trip

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.


Europe is a huge tourist attraction. Because of its rich culture, beautiful architecture and a remarkable past it has an amazing historic value. And the most visited tourist spot. So when planning a trip to Europe, here are few pointers to be kept in mind which will definitely make your Europe trip unforgettable.


Plan your trip in off-season

If you want to enjoy your trip, make sure that you visit in off-season. In peak months of summers, the place is buzzing with people. Do not choose summers if you want to enjoy more. Everyone is out on vacation in summers themselves. What fun is there when the locals are not around. Smart thinking is to plan your visit in spring or the fall.
Off season

Learn the language

Whenever you plan a trip somewhere, learn a bit of their language. Listen to a few podcasts. You should be familiar with the most common phrases of greetings, food which helps you to mingle easily. Do not forget to learn the word for bathroom!
Learn the language

Shop at small scale businesses

Rather than shopping or eating at famous big places, visit the small shops. These are usually small scale businesses ran by families. Eateries and shops which are bit out of the way tend to cost less also. It helps in blending with the locals so why not support their local businesses, right? It will also help you learn a few words of the language.
Shop small businesses

Live like the locals

When you in Rome, do what the Romans do. Sounds familiar? Certain etiquette needs to be followed wherever you go. Europeans are polite people. You would not want to be the loud rude person there. It is important that you follow a dress code of the place you visit.
Live like the locals

Stay in a small city

Choose a smaller town and stay there for some time rather than the large cities London, Paris & Rome. It is always beneficial to stay for a week or two rather than hopping a city every few days. They run at a slow pace.It will help you make friends and know a place better.
Stay in small city

Train travel

Europeans tend to love their trains. It is a more comfortable and spacious way. Ticket can be bought minutes before. For ease of planning, download rail planner app.
Trail travel

Walk the beaten track
Do visit the well-known sites. But stray from the path sometimes. You can get to see, learn and do so much more. Ask the locals who know the city they shall tell you the best places.
Walk the beaten track

Talking traveler

Talk. Yes, be the talking traveler. Meet the locals strike up a conversation. Be open. Local shopkeepers, vendors may add so much to your knowledge. You might end up making friends for life.
Meet the locals

Budget airlines

Pick budget airlines which are a blessing for a smart traveler. Europe has dozens of those. They are often cheaper than trains depending upon the distance.
Budget airlines

Countries with own currency

Try to choose those countries which still have their own currency. Many places like Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland have their own and are less costly.
Currency - 0 - Travelling to Europe - 10 Tips for a Terrific Trip

You are all set to go to Europe now! Bon Voyage !

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